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March, 2010

March 26, 2010  7:02 AM

Using the GNS3 Network Simulator to create a Cisco CCNA Lab

Posted by: David Davis
CCNA, Cisco, gns3, lab, simulator

The best way to learn about Cisco networking is to have your own lab. However, that is hard to do (costly, takes up space, and time-consuming). The best way to do this is to have a virtual Cisco lab using GNS3. This is easy to do with proper instruction. Fortunately, Train Signal Training recently...

March 26, 2010  6:52 AM

Getting your Applications into vCloud Express

Posted by: David Davis

How do you get your applications into "the cloud"? In this video from VMware, they show you how easy it is to get your apps into "the cloud" using vCloud Express... [youtube]GXHDhI4rbak[/youtube]

March 26, 2010  6:50 AM

13 Cloud Computing Services in the Real World

Posted by: David Davis

Cloud computing means "everything" but also means "nothing". It is overused and too general. Still, there must be some cloud computing that "real people" are using in the "real world", right? Yes, there are. I recently ran across an article from PC Magazine that covers 13 cool cloud computing...

March 26, 2010  6:41 AM

Get DVR for your virtual infrastructure with Xangati

Posted by: David Davis

Xangati recently released a VMware vSphere appliance that provides "video-like" visibility to your virtual network. Offered with a 14-day free trial, this appliance is able to view all traffic crossing your virtual network and allow you to monitor that traffic through sleek interface. Similar to...

March 26, 2010  6:37 AM

What is Tek-Tools Virtual Profiler (vProfiler)?

Posted by: David Davis

Monitoring the performance of your virtual infrastructure can be challenging. In my new video, I cover the Tek-Tools Virtual Profiler (a free tool). Watch the video at: Tek-Tools...

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March 26, 2010  6:31 AM

vSphere Mini Monitor

Posted by: David Davis

How do you know what's going on in your vSphere virtual infrastructure? If you don't have the vSphere Client open all the time and if you aren't checking the latest events in that client, you won't know who has been doing what. Fortunately, Nick Weaver has created a super-cool tool called the...

March 26, 2010  6:15 AM

Virtumania Podcast Rocks!

Posted by: David Davis
podcast, Virtualization, virtumania

Rich Brambley (@RBrambley) and crew from the new Virtuamania podcast are both educational and entertaining! This new podcast covers everything that you need to know about virtualization, storage, and servers. Rich has a real talent for making this...

March 26, 2010  5:44 AM

Cloud Computing from Microsoft Azure & the Petri Knowledgebase

Posted by: David Davis

Cloud Computing is "all the buzz" lately but what is it really? Who should you get it from? How can it help you? Over at the Petri IT Knowledgebase they have a new section devoted to cloud computing knowledge with focus on Microsoft's cloud computing solution - Azure.

March 26, 2010  5:25 AM

VIDEO: What are VMware vApps?

Posted by: David Davis

In my new video I cover what VMware vApps are, how they can help you, and the basics of using vApps. Take a look!

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March 26, 2010  4:11 AM

5 things you need to know about VMware vSphere Alarms

Posted by: David Davis

The proper setup of alarms in vSphere is crucial so that you are notified when there is about to be an issue with your virtual infrastructure (and hopefully not when issues have already occurred). In my new post over at VirtualizationAdmin.com, I cover the hierarchy of alarms, where to configure...

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