Can you hear me now? Tales from a Cisco voice instructor:



January 19, 2012  11:50 PM

Finally! No More Boring Walks

Posted by: Dave Bateman

Remember the last time you took a nice long walk and you were alone with just the beauty of nature and your thoughts? I bet more than once during that walk you said to yourself, "Self, I wish I could watch an HD movie while I was walking." Okay, maybe that thought never crossed your mind, but...

March 28, 2011  9:47 PM

Take Five and Learn Something New Today

Posted by: Dave Bateman
DIY, E-learning, Video

Want to learn how to change a flat tire or learn about poisonous birds?  Or maybe you need to know how to transfer data from you old iPad to your new one. Well, if you have five minutes, I've got the site for you. is a site that...

January 16, 2011  6:24 PM

Are We Too Comfortable With Technology?

Posted by: Dave Bateman
3D, Technology, Video

I saw a story on the web today that made me really start to wonder about some of the advances we are making in technology. I have always thought that the main purpose of technology was to make the life of the average human a little easier and more enjoyable. Everyday I...

December 31, 2010  8:38 PM

Can You See Me Now? iPhone Does Skype Video

Posted by: Dave Bateman
IPhone, Skype, Video

It's finally here. We all knew it would happen we just didn't know when. The other night I noticed that my iPhone wanted to update a few applications. I always like to see what the updates are before I install them so I started to check them out. When I got to Skype, the update said that it now...

November 28, 2010  11:59 PM

Taking WebEx to the Next Level

Posted by: Dave Bateman
Cisco, Video, WebEx

If you are anything like me, you have been on your share of WebEx conferences. During more than one of those conferences, I have been asked to stream the video from my web cam. Personally, I don't feel that a one to two inch square of a talking head adds much to the call. It does keep people from...

August 18, 2010  8:50 PM

Facebook Video Chat

Posted by: Dave Bateman
6Rounds, Chat, Facebook, Rounds, Video

Next time you are on Facebook, you should try the new video chat feature. The video service, called 6Rounds, has brought its service to Facebook and changed their name while they were at it. Now it is simply called...


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