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Kindle fire


December 9, 2011  7:10 PM

How to Install Widgets on the Kindle Fire

Posted by: Dave Bateman
Home Screen, Kindle fire, Launcher, Widgets

After having used the Kindle Fire for more than three weeks, I still like it as much as I did the day I got it, which is a lot. When I decided to get the Fire. I sold my Android tablet because I figured I didn't need that and a Fire. While I don't regret that decision, there...

November 24, 2011  8:56 AM

Must Have Kindle Fire Apps

Posted by: Dave Bateman
Android, Kindle fire

I have been using the Kindle Fire for almost a week now, and I still really like it. It has been my go to device for tasks that don't require a PC for this last week, but they may change as the novelty wears off. Between it and my iPad I have been using it much more. While the device is good,...

November 20, 2011  10:41 AM

Kindle Fire -Three Days Later

Posted by: Dave Bateman
iPad, Kindle fire, Tablet

My last post described my thoughts on the Kindle Fire after using it for just thirty minutes. Now, three days later, let's see if they have changed at all. So, if you read my earlier post, you know that I was pleased with the Kindle Fire and only had three minor issues with it. They were and still...

October 20, 2011  6:48 PM

Dear Mr. Senator, Leave My Tablet Alone

Posted by: Dave Bateman
Kindle fire

You may have heard by now that Amazon has announced a new tablet. The Kindle Fire is suppose to start shipping November 15th. This new device includes a new kind of web browser that offers higher speed browsing than normal. It does this by offloading much of the work to servers that Amazon owns....


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