Can you hear me now? Tales from a Cisco voice instructor:

IP Phone


February 24, 2011  9:52 AM

Understanding External Phone Number Mask

Posted by: Dave Bateman
Cisco, IP Phone

Have you ever wished you could change the caller ID information that was sent when you placed a call? This could come in handy when the person you are trying to reach is avoiding your call. Well, Cisco Communications Manager allows you to do this. However, it isn’t so that you can make prank...

November 14, 2009  9:38 AM

Cisco 9900 Series Phones – Seeing What Others are Saying

Posted by: Dave Bateman
9951, 9971, Cisco, IP Phone, video phone

We have been hearing about desktop video phones for a long time. Some say that one day all calls will be video calls. Perhaps that is true, but I am still not sure I want someone to see what I look like when I answer the phone first thing in the morning (or at noon on a lazy Saturday). It reminds...

October 9, 2009  7:28 PM

Cisco Phone Registration Process

Posted by: Dave Bateman
Cisco, IP Phone, Phone Registration, Troubleshooting VoIP

I made a phone call today. I know it doesn't really sound like a big deal does it? Well, when you stop to think about it, everything that happens to make that call successful is really amazing. It',s funny how people never stop to think about things like this and in all honesty, most people don't...


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