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November 13, 2011  9:56 AM

Is Flash Dead?

Posted by: Dave Bateman
Adobe, Apple, flash

Early this week Adobe announced that they were going stop the development of mobile flash. While this came as surprise to many, it really shouldn't have. Remember a few years ago when everyone was up in arms because the iPad wasn't going to support Flash? That was the beginning of the end for...

October 19, 2011  2:18 PM

Finally, a Reason to Own an Apple TV

Posted by: Dave Bateman
Apple, iPad

Last week Apple released IOS 5, which included over 200 new features, but there was only one that I was really interested in. With IOS 5, an iPad 2, and an Apple TV, you are able to wirelessly stream anything that is on your iPad to your TV. The uses for this are larger than one...

October 6, 2011  9:52 AM

Don’t Be Sad Because it is Over – Smile Because it Happened

Posted by: Dave Bateman
Apple, Steve Jobs

I have to admit, I am feeling a little sad today. I read the news of the passing of Steve Jobs last night, and I was surprised by how it hit me. I mean, I guess we all knew he was sick, but it still shocked me. I guess that is what happens when someone larger than life passes. I have to admit, I...

March 22, 2011  7:47 PM

WebEx and the iPad 2

Posted by: Dave Bateman
Apple, Cisco, iPad, WebEx

I have been using WebEx on the iPad ever since it has been available and, for the most part, I have been pretty pleased with it. The main thing I missed was being able to stream video. This was, of course, due to the fact that the iPad did not have a camera. As I am sure you know by now, the iPad 2...

March 19, 2011  12:34 PM

In Search of the Elusive iPad

Posted by: Dave Bateman
Apple, Best Buy, iPad 2

Perhaps you are one of the hundreds of thousands of people that stood in line last Friday to purchase the iPad 2. Or, perhaps you ordered on online as soon as they went on sale. If so, you are not experiencing the joy of being an iPad 2 owner. However, if you are not one of those that currently...

January 7, 2011  7:05 PM

The Mac App Store is Now Open – But Be Careful!

Posted by: Dave Bateman
app store, Apple, Mac apps

When I got my first iPod touch, a friend told me that I had better be careful when visiting the App store. This caused me to wonder if there were malicious apps on the store. He assured me that wasn't the problem, but that there were so many interesting apps I would find myself spending more...

June 30, 2010  5:58 PM

iPhone 4 – Beyond the Hype (Part 2)

Posted by: Dave Bateman
Apple, iPhone 4, review

In the last post I discussed what I liked about my new iPhone 4. It is very seldom that I have found a product that I don't feel could be better in some way. Don't get me wrong, I feel there are many fine products, but there's nothing wrong with asking for a little more. Sometimes you just might...


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