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February, 2012


February 29, 2012  8:02 PM

Senator Wants to Know Everything You Do on the Internet

Posted by: Dave Bateman
Internet Privacy, SOPA

Remember SOPA? Of course you do. That was the proposed legislation that was going to allow a copyright holder to effectively shutdown a website by the mere allegation of copyright infringement. Well, one of the people behind that bill, Rep. Lamar Smith (R-Texas), has another one for us. It is the...

February 29, 2012  9:37 AM

Quality Time with Great Minds

Posted by: Dave Bateman
Encouragement, Motivation

The problem that we often run into in our careers is that the career often becomes just a job. We don't work for the goal, we work for the weekend. Often the urgent gets in the way of the important, and we get stuck in the rut of doing what we have to just to make it through the week. When this...

February 28, 2012  5:40 PM

What’s in a Name?

Posted by: Dave Bateman
domain name

I have been wondering lately what goes into some of the domain names some people pick. I mean where did Yahoo come from anyway (yes, there is a story behind it, but it's not really that interesting and not the focus of this post). Most of the time when a domain name is picked, there is some thought...

February 26, 2012  8:12 PM

iPhone Insanity

Posted by: Dave Bateman
email, IPhone

If you own an iPhone or pretty much any other type of smart phone, you probably noticed that the email client automatically attaches an email signature that says something like, "Sent from my (fill in the make and model of your phone"). Personally, the first thing to do is remove the signature. ...

February 26, 2012  9:07 AM

Favorite Remote Control App

Posted by: Dave Bateman
App, Remote Control

I have almost ten remote control apps on my iPad, but it seems I keep going back to the same one. Before I tell you which app I use the most, I think it is important that I explain how I use it. I mainly use it at home to access my Mac of Windows box when I am in the living room watching TV. I may...

February 25, 2012  10:32 PM

Your Internet May Stop Working March 8th

Posted by: Dave Bateman
Internet, Network

On March 8th, the FBI is going to remove a band-aid and, for some, it could prove to be more painful than  for others. Back in November they took down the DNSChanger botnet network. Before taking down the network, any computer infected with DNSChanger malware would be redirected to sites other...

February 25, 2012  12:06 PM

Certification Study Tool

Posted by: Dave Bateman
Certification, study tools

Love them or hate them, certifications are often required if you work in the tech industry. Be it Cisco, Microsoft or one of the hundreds of other tech companies, they all seem to have their own certification track and those of us lucky enough to be in this field often find ourselves under some...

February 13, 2012  9:01 PM

Updating Unity Connection Aliases

Posted by: Dave Bateman
Cisco, Voice

Typically, changing the alias of a user in Unity...


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