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July, 2010


July 31, 2010  5:31 PM

Augen Android Tablet Review

Posted by: Dave Bateman
Andriod, Augen, Gentouch, iPad, Tablet

In the last post I talked about the $150 Android tablet (Angen Gentouch) that Kmart is selling but isn't in stock anywhere. Well, as fate would have it, I got lucky and got my hands on one. As promised in the last post, below is my review of this product. First, I want to make sure we are all...

July 29, 2010  7:43 PM

iPad Killer? I Doubt It.

Posted by: Dave Bateman
Android, iPad, Tablet

I have a feeling if I were to ask you what manufacturer was going to come up with an iPad killer, you wouldn't say Augen. As a matter of fact, you are probably saying who the heck is Augen? Even though most of us have never heard of this company, they are causing somewhat of a...

July 27, 2010  12:12 PM

Download Multiple Files/Links at Once

Posted by: Dave Bateman
download, Firefox Add-ons, mulitple files

Every once in a while I find myself at a site that has a ton of good links that I want to save or multiple files that I would like to download. Normally, this would require me to right click on every link and click "save as." This is kind of a pain especially when there are over 20 files you...

July 21, 2010  9:20 PM

How Secure is Your Password?

Posted by: Dave Bateman
passwords, Security

It seems everyday I have to create a password for some site or application. Being required to have so many passwords tends to make people lazy, and they end up using the same password for everything or, worse yet, they write all their passwords down somewhere. I'm not even going to get into how bad...

July 15, 2010  4:12 PM

Free Remote PC Access – No Install Required

Posted by: Dave Bateman
logmein, remote access, support, teamviewer

This must be the week for very cool free things. In my last post I told you that Cisco is offering free WebEx accounts. Well, I just found a service that allows you to remotely control PCs. The uses for this are pretty endless. I use it mostly to help my friends and family when they are having...

July 13, 2010  12:05 PM

Cisco Offering Free Webex Accounts – Really!

Posted by: Dave Bateman
Cisco, Conferencing, Free, WebEx

How many times have you started to sign up for a "free" service only to find out that it is only a trial? Well, when I saw that Cisco was offering free WebEx accounts, I assumed that it was a trial, but I decided to check it out. It turns out it really is free and it is not a trial. So, what's...

July 10, 2010  7:23 PM

Cico’s Tablet – Cius

Posted by: Dave Bateman
Cisco, Cius, iPad, Tablet

It seems like everyone is trying to tap into the tablet market ever since the iPad was released. HP is coming out with one that is being called the Slate. Another company called Neofonie is supposedly going to release a table called the WePad...

July 8, 2010  6:03 PM

Watch out Facebook, Here Comes Cisco

Posted by: Dave Bateman
Cisco, Collaboration, Facebook, Quad

So, how much time do you spend on Facebook? I know people that must spend most of their day there based on how many updates I get about their farm, garden, or asking for help with some Mafia Wars job. While many people...


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