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March 12, 2010  12:59 PM

Update on Wyndham Hotel Breaches – “Only 37″

Posted by: Arian Eigen Heald
Data Breaches, data security, information security

Comes the latest news via CSOOnline: Wyndham Hotels and Resorts experienced a computer security incident in late 2009. As a result of that incident, an unauthorized user may have gained access to credit card...

March 6, 2010  3:59 AM

Wyndham’s 3 Breaches in 1 Year = PR Nightmare

Posted by: Arian Eigen Heald
Data Breaches, DataManagement, Eigen's Rules of Thumb, information security, TCM

The Wyndham chain of hotels includes Ramada, Days Inn, Super8, Howard Johnson and Travelodge. None of which I have stayed at in the last year, and frankly, I am really glad. Not one, not two but three breaches have been disclosed to the public by Wyndham management in the last year. Because they...

March 2, 2010  6:18 PM

I.E. Help Files and F1 Function Key = Vulnerability

Posted by: Arian Eigen Heald
Data Breaches, Heads Up, information security, programming

A new alert came out from Microsoft on March 1st. When a user is online with Internet Explorer, they have to press the F1 function key when a pop-up is displayed. Not that users commonly use this key in IE, but some...

February 26, 2010  7:25 PM

Health Care Breaches and Third Party Associates

Posted by: Arian Eigen Heald
Data Breaches, DataManagement, Identity theft, information security, information security policy, medical identity theft

The Department of Health and Human Services has posted a list of the covered entities, (i.e., those that come under HIPAA regulations) that have reported health information data breaches...

February 25, 2010  6:39 PM

Universities and Colleges Are Being Hammered

Posted by: Arian Eigen Heald
Data Breaches, data security, Database security, information security

I've visited any number of schools, higher education and universities in the last five years that have been suffering from the "Open Campus" syndrome. Fundamentally, it's an attitude on the part of students, teachers/professors and management that their environment won't be "really" damaged by...

February 19, 2010  5:23 PM

Not the Kind of “Buzz” Google Wants – Check Your Gmail

Posted by: Arian Eigen Heald
information security, Privacy, privacy on the web, TCM (Truly Clueless Management)

About ten days ago, a splash page appeared when I went to log into my Gmail, indicating I could click the button labeled “Sweet! Check out Buzz” or “Nah, go to my inbox." I just said "Nah" and went to my inbox, thinking no more about it. Sometime later, I noticed a little icon at the top of...

February 15, 2010  6:33 PM

Quantum Shifts in 2009

Posted by: Arian Eigen Heald
Data Breaches, Digital Forensics, Forensics, information security, Stupid Technology

I'm sure you've noticed the usual plethora of "studies" about 2009 erupting from various security vendors. Some are good, some are barely concealed pitches for product. Looking over about a dozen of the above, I gleaned some significant facts that might be useful to both admins and...

January 29, 2010  4:18 PM

A “Reverse Darwin” Award

Posted by: Arian Eigen Heald
Eigen's Rules of Thumb, information security, Start Laughing Now

A story appeared on Techdirt concerning a woman who has sued Yahoo because her name was linked to an erectile dysfunction drug in search results. How this happened the first time, we really don't know,but now the dark humor...

January 21, 2010  5:36 PM

The Chinese Hack, Nasty Exploit & What You Can Do

Posted by: Arian Eigen Heald
Data Breaches, information security, IT Security

I'm sure you've heard about the Chinese hack into Google, and there's some interesting goings-on behind the scenes to identify and fix the hack,...

January 11, 2010  12:06 AM

Stealing VMWare Data Made “Easy”

Posted by: Arian Eigen Heald
Admins and Auditors, data security, information security, virtual

I came across an article on a sister TechTarget site for VMWARE. Its' title immediately got my attention: How to steal...

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