Digital Forensics


February 15, 2010  6:33 PM

Quantum Shifts in 2009

Posted by: Arian Eigen Heald
Data Breaches, Digital Forensics, Forensics, information security, Stupid Technology

I'm sure you've noticed the usual plethora of "studies" about 2009 erupting from various security vendors. Some are good, some are barely concealed pitches for product. Looking over about a dozen of the above, I gleaned some significant facts that might be useful to both admins and...

November 10, 2009  6:06 PM

Things You Can Do To Help An Investigation, Part II

Posted by: Arian Eigen Heald
Data Breaches, Digital Forensics, Incident Response, information security

In a previous column, I talked about the importance of locking up a computer and not continuing to use it after it has been compromised, or the fraudster was fired. This works in a lot...

September 25, 2009  3:41 PM

Things You Can Do to Help An Investigation

Posted by: Arian Eigen Heald
Admins and Auditors, Digital Forensics, information security

Sooner or later, you will be called upon, as an Admin or an Auditor, to assist or address a possible fraud or event pertaining to someone's computer, laptop, pda or smartphone. People can be very anxious and over-react when an event is happening. Or, just as difficult, proceed to do nothing,...

July 15, 2009  8:47 PM

Hard Disks Never Die – They go to Digital Forensics

Posted by: Arian Eigen Heald
"How Do You Know?", Digital Forensics, Forensics, Hardware & InfoSec, information security

I'm attending an absolutely fascinating course on Digital Forensics provided by SANS. One of the things we will be doing is collecting data from hard drives for various practice exercises. Imagine my amusement when the handout and appendixes recommend where to get used hard drives to practice...


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