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February 23, 2012  7:54 PM

Will Obama’s data-privacy bill of rights work?

Posted by: Wendy Schuchart
Amazon, Apple, data privacy, data security, Google, Google privacy policy, Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft, mobile applications, Research In Motion, Web 2.0, Web surfing

After a month fraught with data privacy disasters, the big guns are stepping up to the plate. Yesterday, the White House issued a call for Congress to pass a...

November 6, 2008  9:26 PM

Google Chrome: How secure is your information?

Posted by: Kristen Caretta
CIO, Google, Midmarket CIO, Web surfing

Google is growing. From Chrome to G1, it’s not just for searching anymore.

As the Google giant is creating new breeds of consumers (“cross-consumers,” I call them -- spanning email, news, mobile devices, Web browsers, etc.), what is happening...

August 29, 2008  12:53 PM

IE 8 brings Web-surfing privacy and peace of mind (for users, anyway)

Posted by: Kristen Caretta
CIO, Firefox, Microsoft, Mozilla, Web surfing


Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) will have a new privacy setting. The new setting, dubbed “porn ...

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August 21, 2008  4:43 PM

Google Reader has my vote

Posted by: Kristen Caretta
CIO, Google, Midmarket CIO, Web surfing

You may have noticed the new feature on the Google homepage. It reads: “New! Read what Barack Obama and John McCain are reading with

July 22, 2008  5:11 PM

When it comes to the Internet, Senator McCain McCain’t

Posted by: Kristen Caretta
CIO, Midmarket CIO, Web surfing

CNN’s top technology story Monday highlighted a little-known fact about Senator John McCain -- he doesn’t use the Internet (he does have several Facebook pages, though. Funny how that works…) This may...

May 13, 2008  5:26 PM

New Firefox browser nearing release

Posted by: Roger Crawford
Best Practices, CIO, Firefox, Midmarket CIO, Mozilla, new products, Strategy for CIOs, Web surfing


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