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November 21, 2008  4:15 PM

Recession or not, we can still give thanks for technology

Posted by: Kristen Caretta
CIO, Google, Microsoft, Midmarket CIO, Mobile, Security

Years ago, writing a “grateful” journal was all the rage. Helps to keep things in perspective (at least, that’s what Oprah told us). So, given that it’s been such a tough year for business, I thought I’d step back and see what I could find to be thankful for....

November 13, 2008  1:51 PM

Google Flu Trends: What is it?

Posted by: Kristen Caretta

Chills, body aches, fever -- it’s flu season. Am I sure of these symptoms? Of course, I Googled them. If you find yourself doing the same as cold and flu signs creep up around you, you may be contributing to Google’s newest effort to mark trends --

November 6, 2008  9:26 PM

Google Chrome: How secure is your information?

Posted by: Kristen Caretta
CIO, Google, Midmarket CIO, Web surfing

Google is growing. From Chrome to G1, it’s not just for searching anymore.

As the Google giant is creating new breeds of consumers (“cross-consumers,” I call them -- spanning email, news, mobile devices, Web browsers, etc.), what is happening...

October 31, 2008  3:59 PM

Gmail apps: Text your contacts

Posted by: Kristen Caretta
Google, Midmarket CIO, Web 2.0

Google Gmail users now have the option to send text messages to mobile phones. The experimental app, found in Gmail Labs, was made available to all users Thursday night. The feature is very similar to chat – find your contact (if the mobile number is saved in your contacts list) and the option...

October 23, 2008  9:13 PM

Geekin’ out with Google’s G1

Posted by: Kristen Caretta
CIO, Google, Midmarket CIO, Mobile

On Wednesday, the G1 Google phone for T-Mobile with Android – the first “free, open source and fully customizable mobile platform” was made available in stores to the general public. A geek at heart,...

October 10, 2008  1:53 PM

Google Goggles may prevent work email regret

Posted by: Kristen Caretta
CIO, Google, Midmarket CIO, new products

Google has introduced its new Mail Goggles – and I love the idea.

The application, once enabled, will check your mental clarity by making you solve math problems after clicking send; then, if you can’t solve the problems, the email...

October 9, 2008  2:02 PM

Google and the tech stock drop

Posted by: Kristen Caretta
CIO, Google, Midmarket CIO

Yes, even Google, one of the Internet companies best-positioned for a financial downturn, has falling stock. I watched the

September 9, 2008  8:01 PM

Google steps up to preserve the nuances of American history

Posted by: The Weave
CIO, DataManagement, Google, Midmarket CIO, MSM

I used to write for newspapers. Which is a bit like saying I was a telegraph operator, in that both jobs carry a certain romanticism linked to their glory years and are widely considered irrelevant today. As Nelson on The Simpsons once pointed out:

September 5, 2008  1:10 AM

Google’s Chrome: Not your average Web browser?

Posted by: Kristen Caretta
CIO, Firefox, Google, Microsoft

Microsoft’s IE is facing some serious competition. With Mozilla’s Firefox, Apple’s Safari and Opera Software ASA’s Opera and recently

August 21, 2008  4:43 PM

Google Reader has my vote

Posted by: Kristen Caretta
CIO, Google, Midmarket CIO, Web surfing

You may have noticed the new feature on the Google homepage. It reads: “New! Read what Barack Obama and John McCain are reading with

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