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July 14, 2010  4:29 PM

IT consolidation for business innovation

Posted by: Christina Torode
CIO, IT consolidation, IT innovation, modernization, ROI

I’ve been touching base with IT folks and analysts lately to get a feel for the projects people are working on these days, and the phrases that keep coming up are IT consolidation, modernization and innovation. A senior network administrator with a national hospice care provider is working on...

July 8, 2010  6:28 PM

Is mobile video conferencing worth considering in the midmarket?

Posted by: Kristen Caretta
cloud computing, Midmarket CIO, Mobile

You share, collaborate and inform via email, phone, instant message and more -- all because face-to-face time can be difficult to pull off in our increasingly busy schedules. And while some organizations have video conferencing capabilities to bring remote workers and office dwellers together,...

July 8, 2010  5:57 PM

Think lean before you start agile projects

Posted by: Christina Torode
agile projects, CIO, lean methodologies

In the past few weeks I’ve been writing about agile projects, Scrum vs. waterfall or using the two project approaches together, and a theme that keeps coming up when I talk to project managers is cutting...

July 1, 2010  7:20 PM

Slowly phasing out ITIL V2 Foundation, starting with certifications

Posted by: Kristen Caretta
IT training and certifications, ITIL, Midmarket CIO

Those looking to be certified in ITIL V2 Foundation have missed their chance: As of July 1, the V2 Foundation recertification is no longer offered, as the Office of Government Commerce slowly withdraws ITIL V2 in favor of...

July 1, 2010  6:49 PM

Finding an endpoint for agile projects

Posted by: Christina Torode
agile projects, CIO

One of the 12 principles of agile projects is that agile processes promote sustainable development. The sponsors, developers and users should be able to maintain a constant pace indefinitely, according to...

June 24, 2010  7:15 PM

When should an SMB draw the line with ITIL best practices?

Posted by: Kristen Caretta
IT, IT/business alignment, ITIL, Midmarket CIO

Where does ITIL fit in with SMBs? It seems more organizations are following ITIL best practices in their overall IT operations and service delivery -- creating some form of a service catalog, practicing change management strategies and focusing on service design -- but not following ITIL frameworks...

June 24, 2010  6:25 PM

Reactions to Scrum and waterfall mix for agile projects

Posted by: Christina Torode
CIO, scrum, waterfall

To quote one respondent to my last blog post on whether agile projects should mix Scrum and waterfall: “I have been on projects within the U.S. government where they...

June 18, 2010  2:28 PM

Mixing and matching Scrum and Waterfall for agile project development

Posted by: Christina Torode
Agile, Development, Midmarket CIO, Strategy for CIOs

I talked to a few CIOs recently who were using Scrum and Waterfall for agile project development. One was using a combination of the two to develop a portal and services for...

June 17, 2010  8:00 PM

New England GiveCamp: One NERD and multiple IT project success stories

Posted by: Kristen Caretta
IT/business alignment, Midmarket CIO, Project Management

A lot of projects fail. If business requirements aren't clear or gathered effectively, or if the scope of the project is inaccurate, failure happens. But this past weekend, at New England GiveCamp (a Microsoft-sponsored volunteer weekend held at

June 10, 2010  3:57 PM

When it comes to an agile model, failure is an option

Posted by: Christina Torode
Agile, CIO

It’s OK to fail when taking an agile approach to a business service or software development project, but if you fail, fail fast. As one expert explained to me, if you don’t fail, you don’t really...

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