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February 1, 2011  6:05 PM

IT innovation is just a matter of time

Posted by: Scot Petersen
CIO, IT innovation

Innovation is a popular topic among IT professionals and media. It's also one of the more misunderstood concepts. If you ask 10 CIOs what IT innovation means to them or to their companies, you will get 10 different answers. You will get some original thought on it; you will also get some useful...

January 25, 2011  3:17 PM

IT salary survey numbers may obscure still struggling economy

Posted by: Scot Petersen
CIO, IT salaries

Reader Jim Dries offered me another point of view on the salary and careers survey, which was completed late last year. In our 2010 IT salary survey, all signs...

January 21, 2011  3:15 PM

Get started on XP migration to Windows 7 by 2012

Posted by: Christina Torode
CIO, Windows 7, XP migration

I remember talking to an IT manager about his XP migration plans to Vista, and he said that he was going to hold on to XP come hell or high water. Mainstream support for XP had ended and extended support for the OS will end in April 2014, but it didn’t matter to him. He was determined to make it...

January 13, 2011  9:11 PM

IT salaries creeping up in 2011, mood mostly positive

Posted by: Christina Torode
CIO, CIO careers, CIO salary and careers survey, IT budget, IT salaries

The average IT salary in 2010 for senior IT executives, mid-level IT executives and IT managers was $121,797, according to our annual CIO Salary and Careers Survey, taken in...

January 13, 2011  8:35 PM

Data center transformation: Evolution or revolution?

Posted by: Scot Petersen
cloud computing, virtual data center

As we continue to chronicle the "disappearing" data center, we have to consider the ongoing transformation of the enterprise application. Software as a...

December 21, 2010  5:23 PM

Mobile workforce shrinking the bricks-and-mortar workplace

Posted by: Scot Petersen
CIO, mobile workforce

A few weeks ago, a colleague of mine toured the halls of a major technology vendor, only to find them virtually deserted. Corporate holiday or off-site meeting? No, just the usual number of people working remotely or from home offices. It's not surprising that as the

December 16, 2010  8:31 PM

Forget virtual machine management — go to the cloud

Posted by: Christina Torode
CIO, virtual machines

There are still many IT shops that have not virtualized the majority of their servers. Many still haven’t moved virtual machines (VMs) to a production environment yet. In fact, some may sidestep deploying their own virtual machines altogether. Why not buy virtual machine infrastructure as a...

December 10, 2010  2:23 PM

Asset inventory sheds light on lack of virtual machine management

Posted by: Christina Torode
CIO, virtual machines

When one of Mark Bowker’s clients went to do an IT asset inventory, they couldn’t count how many virtual machines they had … because they couldn’t see them. Bowker, an analyst with Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) in Milford, Mass., shared this story as we were talking about IT shops’...

December 2, 2010  4:50 PM

How do you know if your SaaS provider is healthy? Here’s the scoop

Posted by: Linda Tucci

How do you know if your SaaS provider is a good choice? A session at the recent MIT Sloan CFO Summit provided some insight that might prove useful the next time you're...

November 24, 2010  2:50 PM

Time to take stock of your online reputation

Posted by: Christina Torode
CIO, online reputation

The buildup and tear-down of a business’ online reputation is akin to neighbors gossiping over the fences, except for the fact that social networking sites allow millions of strangers to see and hear why you would never buy your produce again from a regional grocery chain. Back in the day,...

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