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May 20, 2011  1:49 PM

15 overused IT phrases: Has cloud computing in IT become a cliche?

Posted by: Wendy Schuchart
CIO, cloud computing

Cloud. It's everywhere. You can't ignore cloud computing in IT, but the word itself starts losing meaning after you hear it too many times. Cloud cloud cloud. There were...

May 17, 2011  1:51 PM

Technology conferences can still deliver for IT pros

Posted by: Scot Petersen
CIO, IT training and certifications

I attended the "last" Comdex show -- the last great one, that is -- in the year 2000, right before 9/11 and the dot-com bust turned it into a shell of its former self, along with a lot of other technology conferences. At the time, many people thought

May 13, 2011  1:44 PM

Email attachment risks highlight value of collaboration tools

Posted by: Wendy Schuchart
CIO, email management

This week at Interop Las Vegas, I met Dusan Vitek, vice president of worldwide marketing at Kerio Technologies Inc., who said, "I feel guilty whenever I send an email with an attachment." I actually laughed out loud because I feel...

May 10, 2011  7:05 PM

The sky’s the limit for cloud-enabled applications

Posted by: Scot Petersen
CIO, cloud applications

Back in the day, the must-have feature for technology products was "Internet-enabled." (Remember when Windows became Internet-enabled? It meant sticking the browser in.) It got kind of sickening to hear it over and over. Now we take it for granted. Now it's "cloud-enabled," and as much as I am...

May 3, 2011  3:36 PM

CIO innovation is about getting ahead of the problems

Posted by: Scot Petersen
CIO, IT innovation

My colleagues and I in the CIO/IT Strategy Media Group have spent much of the first half of 2011 talking with CIOs about innovation. So much time that I think I might go crazy asking another question...

April 28, 2011  1:33 PM

PlayStation Network breach is Sony’s shameful nadir

Posted by: Scot Petersen
CIO, data breach

Another week, another major hack. It seems these things go in cycles. There was a major breach at email provider Epsilon earlier this month. But the

April 22, 2011  10:00 AM

A bad experience with a Trojan virus drives home BYOD benefits

Posted by: Wendy Schuchart

Mondays have a reputation for being the least favorite day of the week for many people. Normally I disagree with that feeling, but this Monday at 9 a.m., my laptop started acting a little hinky. I knew something was up, but then 10 minutes later, Windows warned me that it had blocked some strange...

April 19, 2011  2:01 PM

Cisco killed the Flip camera and other surprises

Posted by: Scot Petersen
CIO Careers and Staffing, Cisco, consumer electronics, flip video camera, mobile technology, ROI

The news last week that Cisco killed the Flip mini-camcorder -- or, as Cisco put it, restructured its consumer products division -- is full of surprises. First, I...

April 12, 2011  1:32 PM

What have we learned from the Epsilon security breach?

Posted by: Scot Petersen
CIO, data breach, data security, Epsilon

My wife and I started getting the emails April 4. Best Buy. Our bank. Other e-commerce sites we had shopped. The impact of the Epsilon security breach was far and...

April 8, 2011  1:40 PM

Mobile technology in health care now the answer instead of the problem

Posted by: Scot Petersen
CIO, health care

The first "mobile computing device" that I used was a 30-pound IBM "luggable" PC. It cost more than $4,000 and boasted the Intel 8088 microprocessor running at a blazing 4.77 MHz and ran off of two 5 1/4-inch floppy drives. There really wasn't anything mobile about it, and not much computing was to...

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