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June 6, 2011  3:10 PM

Virtual security and hackers: A match made in heaven?

Posted by: Jbiscobi
CIO, mobile tools, Virtualization

While you were putting out fires in your computer room, we were scouring the Web looking for tasty bits for you to peruse. From ensuring virtual security to the workforce of tomorrow, check out these greatest hits from last week's IT blogosphere:

  • Researchers are...

June 3, 2011  2:46 PM

World IPv6 Day: The change is coming. Are you ready?

Posted by: Wendy Schuchart
CIO, IPv4, IPv6

The Internet Society has promoted June 8 as World IPv6 Day, a day of a "global-scale test flight of IPv6," promising that major Web companies will implement a day of free testing.

May 31, 2011  6:19 PM

A new home for Domino applications

Posted by: Scot Petersen
CIO, Domino applications

Apple recently announced that it has approved its 500,000th app for the iTunes App Store. IBM Lotus developers say, "Call us when you get to 10 million." That's how...

May 30, 2011  7:40 PM

Around the blogs: Release date of Windows 8 and losing talent

Posted by: Wendy Schuchart
CIO, cloud security, cloud services, Windows 8

We've scoured the Web and compiled a crib sheet for the best and most interesting tidbits from around the IT blogosphere last week, including thoughts on the release date of Windows 8, the risks to info security when companies lost IT talent and how to make sure that you stay connected when the...

May 26, 2011  5:27 PM

The Windows 8 operating system: Is it time to move on?

Posted by: Scot Petersen
CIO, Windows 7

It was customary during the Bill Gates era at Microsoft to surreptitiously dis the previous version of Windows when the next generation came out. "It's the best Windows operating system we've ever developed," he would always say of the new version. Usually, best meant biggest or most...

May 24, 2011  7:20 PM

Failed promotion for Amazon cloud storage affects consumer confidence

Posted by: Wendy Schuchart
Amazon, Amazon e-commerce, CIO, cloud computing pricing, cloud services

It's one of those things that looks fantastic on paper: Introduce your cloud service to the consumer market by packaging it with a super-cheap, eagerly anticipated superstar's new album. Amazon did just that by...

May 23, 2011  3:06 PM

Should you be worried about Dropbox security? Our weekly news roundup

Posted by: Wendy Schuchart
CIO, data center cooling, data security, IT/business alignment

We've scoured the Web and compiled a crib sheet for the best and most interesting tidbits from around the IT blogosphere last week, including must-know information on Dropbox security, Android's encryption woes and executive strategies being compromised by fear-based decisions. Here's what you...

May 20, 2011  1:49 PM

15 overused IT phrases: Has cloud computing in IT become a cliche?

Posted by: Wendy Schuchart
CIO, cloud computing

Cloud. It's everywhere. You can't ignore cloud computing in IT, but the word itself starts losing meaning after you hear it too many times. Cloud cloud cloud. There were...

May 17, 2011  1:51 PM

Technology conferences can still deliver for IT pros

Posted by: Scot Petersen
CIO, IT training and certifications

I attended the "last" Comdex show -- the last great one, that is -- in the year 2000, right before 9/11 and the dot-com bust turned it into a shell of its former self, along with a lot of other technology conferences. At the time, many people thought

May 13, 2011  1:44 PM

Email attachment risks highlight value of collaboration tools

Posted by: Wendy Schuchart
CIO, email management

This week at Interop Las Vegas, I met Dusan Vitek, vice president of worldwide marketing at Kerio Technologies Inc., who said, "I feel guilty whenever I send an email with an attachment." I actually laughed out loud because I feel...

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