June 27, 2011  4:53 PM

Women in technology and science have an advantage

Posted by: Wendy Schuchart
CIO, disaster recovery, women in IT

It's a short week for a lot of people, but with vacations popping up, the work doesn't go away. That's why we're rocking out an executive must-read list so that you don't have to risk getting sucked down the rabbit hole that is the blogosphere. Here's a quick executive summary of disaster recovery...

June 24, 2011  2:05 PM

Vulnerability in Dropbox security leaves user accounts wide open

Posted by: Wendy Schuchart
CIO, cloud computing, data privacy

No bones about it: Dropbox security just took a huge dive in user confidence. This past Sunday, Dropbox user accounts -- all of them -- were open and accessible to the...

June 21, 2011  1:46 PM

Twitter hoax reveals another shift in information landscape

Posted by: Scot Petersen
CIO, social media tools

If Twitter were a person, it would just be turning 5 next month (they are so cute at that age). But in Internet time, Twitter has already gone through rehab, a foreclosure and a losing custody battle over the kids. But Twitter is still a good person, right? "There's nothingĀ  intrinsically...

June 20, 2011  7:58 PM

Load your iPhone 4 and iPad 2 with powerful database-building apps

Posted by: Wendy Schuchart
CIO, disaster recovery, iPad 2, iPhone business apps, mobility, VAAI

Now that summer is officially here, you've undoubtedly been busy covering for vacationing co-workers or trying to squeeze a few hours of R&R in for yourself. Here's a quick rundown of the best of the blogs, in easy, bite-sized pieces, including the scoop on iPhone 4 and iPad 2 rumblings, an...

June 17, 2011  1:55 PM

If you’re worried about business alignment, you’re doing it wrong

Posted by: Wendy Schuchart
business alignment, business process management, IT/business alignment, IT/Business Leadership, Leadership and Strategy

Why is IT so concerned with business alignment? That's the question that Dr. Michael Ali, CIO at Harman, asked during his Forrester IT Forum keynote that left many of the IT professionals in the audience stumped. It seems like a no-brainer,...

June 16, 2011  2:13 PM

Public-sector CIOs leading IT transformation

Posted by: Scot Petersen
Business process automation, CIO, cloud computing

I'm not sure about you, but my first impression of government's use of technology is that they are still working off VAX computers and dumb terminals. But, really, it's quite the contrary. Here are some leaders of IT transformation working in the public sector:

June 13, 2011  5:14 PM

TrueCrypt and Dropbox go together like peanut butter and chocolate

Posted by: Wendy Schuchart
Apple, CIO, data security, Google, social networking

We've scoured the Web and compiled a crib sheet for the best and most interesting tidbits from around the IT blogosphere last week, including using TrueCrypt and Dropbox for data encryption, the Twitter API and the age-old debate of Google vs. Apple. Here's what you might have missed: There was...

June 10, 2011  1:25 PM

Living with the toys of Generation Y in the workplace

Posted by: Wendy Schuchart
application management, CIO

There's a scene in the old movie Network when Peter Finch's character screams "I'm mad as hell, and I'm not going to take it anymore!" which then inspires the rest of the nation to realize that they, too, are not...

June 7, 2011  4:30 PM

Outsourcing services need the right mix of commodity and strategy

Posted by: Scot Petersen
CIO, outsourcing services

Discover Card has made a celebrity out of "Peggy," but despite the credit card provider's efforts to humorously discredit outsourcing services in former Soviet Bloc countries, Ukraine is seeing steady growth in

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