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December 10, 2013  1:28 PM

Smart machines, smart process apps and smart CIOs

Posted by: Emily McLaughlin
Agile, Amazon, Apple, big data, Business performance management, BYOD, Chief information officer, CIO and IT salaries, CIO careers, CIO Careers and Staffing, CIO Jobs, IT/business alignment, IT/Business Leadership, Leadership, Leadership and Strategy, mobile applications, mobile development, mobile devices, mobile technology, Project Management, security risk, security tools

We'd like to think SearchCIO was sounding really intelligent last week with all of our "smart" talk. For starters: In Senior Features Writer Karen Goulart's weekly Searchlight roundup, which features top stories and blog posts from around the Web, she highlighted John Markoff's New York...

August 22, 2013  8:30 PM

With all of this innovating, isn’t it time for some innovation accounting?

Posted by: Nicole Laskowski
Agile, lean methodologies, metrics

One of the premises of Eric Ries' lean startup methodology is something he calls "innovation accounting."

"In traditional management, if I make a plan, and I successfully execute it and...

May 29, 2012  5:40 PM

Strategic and agile equals true business transformation

Posted by: Scot Petersen
Agile, agile projects, business transformation, Leadership and Strategy, mobile technology, ROI

Linda Tucci raised a great point in her debut CIO Matters column last week. That is, and I'm paraphrasing, how far have CIOs really come in this digital age from being...

July 30, 2010  2:48 PM

A world without legacy systems

Posted by: Kristen Caretta
Agile, Midmarket CIO

How frustrating is it to be one of the little guys without the resources to bear for big projects. Well, those frustrations may actually be easier to deal with than the alternative: Being a large company entrenched in legacy systems. I came across a blog post recently by Scott Adams,...

July 29, 2010  8:39 PM

Taking notations on agile data modeling

Posted by: Christina Torode
Agile, CIO

You can’t talk about agile data modeling without mentioning Scott Ambler, whom many consider the authority if not founder of agile data modeling. In this

June 18, 2010  2:28 PM

Mixing and matching Scrum and Waterfall for agile project development

Posted by: Christina Torode
Agile, Development, Midmarket CIO, Strategy for CIOs

I talked to a few CIOs recently who were using Scrum and Waterfall for agile project development. One was using a combination of the two to develop a portal and services for...

June 10, 2010  3:57 PM

When it comes to an agile model, failure is an option

Posted by: Christina Torode
Agile, CIO

It’s OK to fail when taking an agile approach to a business service or software development project, but if you fail, fail fast. As one expert explained to me, if you don’t fail, you don’t really...

November 13, 2009  2:54 PM

What is transparency, and how can Agile practices help?

Posted by: Karen Guglielmo
Agile, CIO, Midmarket CIO

As I was interviewing experts and practitioners this week on the uses of Agile practices, the term transparency kept popping up in comments about the benefits of using this type of software development methodology. So I started thinking: What is transparency, and how does Agile help achieve...


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