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June 18, 2008  9:18 PM

YouTube is a great tool for spreading the word

Posted by: Heather Clancy
Authors, Heather Clancy, Leading technology vendors, News, Tech Blogs

This one is for those of you, dear readers, who remember Mike Homer, who contributed some great marketing ideas to both browser pioneer Netscape and personal computer pioneer Apple Computer. Those outside Silicon Valley may not be aware that Homer was diagnosed last year with

June 4, 2008  9:41 AM

Icahn accuses Yahoo of sabotage, seeks Yang ouster

Posted by: Bcournoyer
Microsoft, News, Tech Blogs

The Microsoft-Yahoo acquisition saga may not be over. In fact, the real juicy part may be just beginning. Carl Icahn Jerry Yang sabotageBillionaire investor

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May 27, 2008  9:45 AM

VMware beta features: hype vs. reality

Posted by: Bcournoyer
Software as a service (SaaS), Tech Blogs, Virtualization

VMware's "cloud computing" strategy set me off on a little rant last week. I wrote that VMware was likely getting into SaaS because it was either inspired by or jealous of Google's success in...

April 23, 2008  12:26 PM

Google’s new businesses: burritos, pasta and online personals?

Posted by: Bcournoyer
Tech Blogs

There's been a lot of talk about Google's recent moves into security, productivity applications and...

April 17, 2008  1:48 PM

Google’s cloud rains on users

Posted by: Bcournoyer
Google, Microsoft, News, Software as a service (SaaS), Tech Blogs

cloudRemote access to GMail and its chat program went...

April 17, 2008  7:27 AM

Microsoft’s Springsteen parody video hits back at Vista critics

Posted by: Bcournoyer
Channel, Microsoft, Tech Blogs

Microsoft pulled one over on the Windows Vista haters yesterday, releasing a supposed Vista Service...

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April 8, 2008  9:49 AM

Google App Engine: Amazon killer or ‘Geocities 2.0′?

Posted by: Bcournoyer
Application development, Enterprise applications, Microsoft, News, Software as a service (SaaS), Tech Blogs

We've been awaiting big enterprise news from Google for a few weeks now, and last night we finally got some. The Google App Engine is a free, hosted Web development platform that...

April 1, 2008  10:53 AM

HP charging extra to integrate VMware hypervisor

Posted by: Bcournoyer
Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft, News, Server virtualization, Tech Blogs, Virtualization

Hewlett-Packard yesterday began shipping VMware's ESX 3i hypervisor embedded in its ProLiant servers. After news broke last month that

March 5, 2008  12:42 PM

Yahoo getting dumb and dumber?

Posted by: Bcournoyer
Microsoft, Tech Blogs

Gizmodo's Wilson Rothman has some brief comments on today's news that Yahoo is trying to partner with AOL to thwart Microsoft's takeover. And he's not a fan.

March 5, 2008  8:46 AM

Microsoft Office Live Workspace vs. Google Docs: Who will win?

Posted by: Bcournoyer
Collaboration software, Enterprise applications, Google, Microsoft, Software as a service (SaaS), Tech Blogs

Microsoft Office Live Workspace and Google Docs are going mano a mano over on ReadWriteWeb, where a

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