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December 23, 2011  8:07 PM

Taking stock of IBM’s 5 predictions for the next 5 years

Posted by: Heather Clancy
Artificial Intelligence, Heather Clancy, IBM, IT channel products and services, Kinetic Energy

If you are sick of the ridiculously short battery life you get out of your smartphone, you may only have five years to wait until kinetic energy technologies offer a respite. That is just one of the predictions in

December 2, 2011  8:31 PM

Gartner: IBM is tops in third-quarter server revenue share

Posted by: Heather Clancy
Gartner, HP, IBM, IT channel products and services, Oracle, server

Worldwide revenue for servers increased by 5.2 percent year over year while shipments grew by 7.2 percent, according to the latest forecast figures from market research firm Gartner. Total revenue for the quarter was approximately $12.9 billion on a worldwide basis, Gartner reported. That...

August 31, 2011  8:08 PM

IBM snaps up fraud-detection expert i2

Posted by: Heather Clancy
cybersecurity, fraud, i2, IBM, IBM Software, IT channel products and services

The deeper that IBM Software gets into analytics, the deeper it gets into territory that hackers and other nefarious cyber-criminals are likely to target. Little wonder, then, that the giant IT services and software company today snapped up a British security technology firm,

August 30, 2011  6:12 PM

HP PCs are dead, long live HP PCs!

Posted by: badarrow
Barbara Darrow, Hewlett-Packard, HP, IBM, IT channel products and services, IT channel products and technologies, Lenovo, Leo Apotheker, PCs, Personal Systems Group, ThinkPads

Talk about mixed messages. First Hewlett-Packard CEO Leo Apotheker says the company might spin off or sell off its huge PC business and kill off its new TouchPads. Then a cadre...

June 24, 2011  5:09 PM

Hardware continues to flummox Oracle

Posted by: badarrow
Barbara Darrow, Dell, Exadata, Exalogic, HP, IBM, IT channel products and services, IT channel products and technologies, Mark Hurd, Oracle, Safra Catz, Sun Microsystems

Oh, Oracle, Oracle, Oracle. You're nothing if not predictable. On yesterday's Oracle fourth quarter  earnings call, there was the usual happy talk about fat margins and great execution. The...

May 6, 2011  12:48 AM

Well, what do you know: IT services grew last year

Posted by: Heather Clancy
Accenture, CSC, Fujitsu, Gartner, Heather Clancy, HP, IBM, IT channel products and services, IT Services

Market research firm Gartner figures that IT services spending reached $793 billion in 2010, which represents a 3.1 percent increase from 2009 numbers. While this certainly couldn't be classified as a huge growth, it sure beats the 5.1...

March 8, 2011  6:13 PM

HP services take it on the chin

Posted by: badarrow
Accenture, Barbara Darrow, EDS, Hewlett-Packard, HP, HP Services, IBM, IT channel products and services, IT channel products and technologies, Oracle

Sometimes you wonder if Hewlett-Packard can buy itself a break. Checkout this Wall Street Journal  headline: IBM shows HP how to serve clients. Ouch.

March 7, 2011  9:18 PM

Cisco makes three courting SMBs

Posted by: badarrow
Barbara Darrow, Cisco Systems, Hewlett-Packard, HP, IBM, IT channel products and services, IT channel products and technologies, SMBs

Last week it was Cisco Systems' turn to court SMBs. The networking giant, which has had its head in the enterprise with UCS, used its annual 

February 24, 2011  3:34 PM

HP’s the odd man out as IBM and Oracle tango

Posted by: badarrow
Add new tag, Barbara Darrow, Hewlett-Packard, HP, HP board, IBM, IT channel products and services, IT channel products and technologies, Larry Ellison, Leo Apotheker, Mark Hurd, Oracle, Ray Lane, Sam Palmisano

Oracle, which some wiseguy termed the world's scariest software company, may now--with the Sun acquisition -- be the world's scariest IT company, Period. The software giant's...

February 15, 2011  8:43 PM

IBM’s Palmisano returns fire, touts Watson

Posted by: badarrow
Barbara Darrow, IBM, IBM Partnerworld, IBM PartnerWorld Leadership Conference, IT channel products and technologies, Sam Palmisano

ORLANDO, FL.--IBM chairman Sam Palmisano may have been jet lagged, flying 7,000 miles to Orlando from Asia, but he was feisty enough to take some shots at unnamed competitors. Unlike rival Oracle CEO Larry Ellison --who relishes tweaking IBM, SAP and others by name-- Palmisano didn't specify...

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