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October 24, 2008  10:17 AM

PDC priority: Proving Microsoft’s mojo

Posted by: badarrow
Barbara Darrow, Google, Information technology services, IT channel products and technologies, Leading technology vendors, Microsoft, News, Software as a service (SaaS), Vendor partner business issues

Has Microsoft lost its mojo? There's something different in the air. Microsoft is doing its best to drum up an uproar around next week's Professional Developers Conference (PDC). The company's code-name generator is in overdrive -- nothing new there. But it's become painfully obvious that the...

October 24, 2008  7:58 AM

Tactics for gaining ground in big-vendor territory

Posted by: StorageSwiss
Channel, George Crump, Reseller channel business development, Supplier relationship management, Vendor partner business issues

In my last entry I wrote about large suppliers and their in-the-field resources and the problems that creates. After all, a larger supplier probably has more local resources than you do. Typically, they have you outnumbered in both engineers and salespeople. In the past, many resellers have...

October 23, 2008  2:23 PM

Sun founder Bechtolsheim and former Cisco exec Ullal lead Arista Networks

Posted by: rivkalittle

Many a company has set out to take down Cisco. But Arista Networks -- fledgling maker of ultra high-speed Ethernet switches and data center infrastructure -- is coming at that task with executive superpowers. The company announced Thursday it snagged former Cisco top executive of switching and data...

October 18, 2008  7:15 PM

Could hosted services spur tension between distributor and partner?

Posted by: rivkalittle
Application development, Channel partner programs, Direct reseller channel conflict, Enterprise applications, Information technology services, IT channel products and technologies, Managed services providers, News, Reseller channel business development, Rivka Little, Software as a service (SaaS), VAR training, certification, Vendor partner business issues

San Diego -- Ingram Micro CEO Greg Spierkel faced a funny question from partners at the VentureTech Network (VTN) conference here Thursday morning: “What do we do that drives you crazy?” Spierkel’s answer? “Buying from my competitors.”

October 13, 2008  12:03 PM

Man bites dog; VAR loves vendor

Posted by: badarrow
Barbara Darrow, Channel partner programs, Data storage management, Direct reseller channel conflict, Information technology services, IT channel products and technologies, News, Vendor partner business issues

When a VAR gives an unsolicited testimonial for a technology vendor, it's unusual enough to warrant attention. While researching a storage-related story a month or so ago, I called this VAR who answered the questions posed and then started talking about how much he loved working with

October 10, 2008  9:32 AM

Amazon tiers S3 prices, provides volume discount

Posted by: badarrow
Barbara Darrow, Data storage management, Information technology services, Microsoft, News, Software as a service (SaaS)

Amazon Web Services LLC is "tiering" the pricing on its hosted storage system. Amazon Simple Storage Service (or S3) in the U.S. had charged 15 cents per gigabyte of stored data. That rate will hold for the first 50 terabytes but now as you...

October 6, 2008  11:12 AM

Microsoft plots SQL Server 2010

Posted by: badarrow
Barbara Darrow, Data storage management, IT channel products and technologies, Leading technology vendors, Microsoft, News

Microsoft's database folks say that SQL Server 2010 (yes, that's the shocking name of the next release) will make it out in the 36-month window the company has prescribed for database releases.  It's promised for the first half of Calendar Year 2010. SQL Server 2008 shipped last August. "We...

September 30, 2008  12:06 PM

Brought to you by Microsoft: More bad ads

Posted by: badarrow
Barbara Darrow, IT channel products and technologies, Microsoft, News

How is it possible that a company as successful as Microsoft can continue to put out such really, really bad ads? Continued »

September 29, 2008  12:21 PM

Not buying it

Posted by: badarrow
Barbara Darrow, Enterprise applications, IT buyer market research, IT channel products and technologies, Oracle

Several times over the past few weeks,  Oracle execs have stressed that the company is not unduly exposed to the various earthquakes afflicting financial institutions worldwide. That's hard to...

September 25, 2008  10:45 PM

Oracle takes on storage partners

Posted by: badarrow
Barbara Darrow, Data storage management, EMC, Hewlett-Packard, Networking technology, Oracle

Forrester Research's Andrew Reichman has a good take on Larry Ellison's latest competitive foray. During his Oracle OpenWorld Keynote, Ellison did, in fact, position the HP Oracle Database Machine (or Exadata) as...

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