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March 13, 2009  5:11 PM

More tips for selling server virtualization

Posted by: Bcournoyer
Channel business development, Citrix Systems, Colin Steele, Microsoft, Server virtualization, VMware

As customer demand for server virtualization continues to grow, so does competition among vendors and resellers. Despite all the industry hype about server virtualization, a lot of businesses are...

March 12, 2009  3:18 PM

Unemployed? Become a reseller!

Posted by: Bcournoyer
Channel business development, Colin Steele

I get a lot of press releases every day, and most go straight into the deleted items folder. There are only two ways to avoid this fate: send me a press release with some really big news, or send me a press release that's so ridonkulous that I have to blog about it. A press release I received...

March 12, 2009  1:59 PM

File virtualization: A reseller’s best friend in tough economic times

Posted by: StorageSwiss
file virtualization, George Crump, IT Channel, IT channel products and technologies

Right now, your customers are looking primarily for one thing, to save money. One of the ways to do that is to get old data off of expensive primary storage and onto a disk-based archive like the kind offered by Permabit, Caringo or Nexsan. The question is, How do you get the data to the...

March 10, 2009  2:38 AM

EDS touts self as Microsoft-hosted CRM BFF (for now)

Posted by: badarrow
Barbara Darrow, CRM, ERP, IT channel products and technologies, Microsoft hosted CRM, SMB



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March 5, 2009  11:58 PM

Poking holes in customer plans

Posted by: StorageSwiss
George Crump, IT Channel

“Trusted adviser” is a status that all reseller salespeople should try to achieve with their customers, but sometimes being the trusted adviser means you have to confront customers on decisions they’ve made that may adversely affect their business. Sometimes as a trusted adviser you need...

March 3, 2009  3:32 PM

New Orleans: House of the singing Microsoft partners

Posted by: Bcournoyer
Colin Steele, Microsoft partners

The Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference 2009 has its own Facebook page, and organizers are encouraging

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February 24, 2009  8:24 PM

Selecting a CDP strategy

Posted by: StorageSwiss
Data storage management, George Crump, IT Channel

In a recent article on, Curtis Preston provides a thorough explanation of continuous data protection (CDP) for end users and how it differs from near-CDP. So what does this technology...

February 24, 2009  4:14 PM

Parallels CEO predicts Xen’s death

Posted by: Bcournoyer
Citrix Systems, Colin Steele, Microsoft, Server virtualization, VMware

Before last week, some Citrix partners -- and even some high-up Citrix execs -- felt...

February 18, 2009  4:32 PM

Your organization should be blogging

Posted by: StorageSwiss
Channel business development, George Crump, IT Channel, Reseller blogs

I am constantly amazed at how many of your customers get the bulk of their IT news from blogs. That’s right, blogs. In fairness, they tend to take the source into consideration when evaluating the quality of the information; corporate blogs may be less trustworthy than an independent source,...

February 13, 2009  3:14 PM

Training: Why you should be offering it

Posted by: StorageSwiss
George Crump, IT Channel, VAR training, VAR training, certification

In my last entry, I cited a survey Symantec fielded last fall indicating that IT budgets would either stay the same or go up in the following 12 months....

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