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December 27, 2007  2:16 PM

Will the IT economy go south in 2008?

Posted by: Heather Clancy
Authors, Heather Clancy, Information technology services, IT buyer market research

I'm supposed to write some insightful list of predictions this time of year. Once I figure out what to say, I'll get right on that. But first, I wanted to write about some survey results released a few days ago by uber-solution provider CDW. The data,

December 24, 2007  11:56 AM

Diamond steps down from top ePartners slot

Posted by: badarrow
Barbara Darrow, Channel partner programs, Direct reseller channel conflict, Managed services providers, Microsoft, Reseller channel business development, Software as a service (SaaS), Supplier relationship management

Howard Diamond, who has been CEO and chairman of ePartners, is relinquishing the CEO post.  Michael McCarthy has been promoted from president to CEO, according to  a 

December 19, 2007  10:40 AM

Big channel questions loom in 2008

Posted by: badarrow
Barbara Darrow, Cisco, Direct reseller channel conflict, Enterprise applications, Google, Microsoft, SMB, Software as a service (SaaS), Supplier relationship management, Virtualization, VoIP over IP (VoIP)

What will be the defining partner issues of the coming year? Here's a completely unscientific take on what solution providers of all stripes should watch for. One: Will Dell's new-found (or born again) 

December 10, 2007  8:44 AM

After CompUSA: Random thoughts on retail

Posted by: badarrow
Barbara Darrow, Servers and desktop hardware, Software as a service (SaaS)

The  imminent demise of CompUSA sparks a now-familiar debate over the viability of brick-and-mortar retail outlets. That discussion should be buried: There will always be room for physical stores, although their nature will change...

November 25, 2007  9:45 PM

What’s Sinofsky up to?

Posted by: badarrow
Application development, Barbara Darrow, Microsoft

 While many pundits have wondered about Ray Ozzie's radio-silence, I'm more interested in what Steven Sinofsky's been up to.  Sinofsky is credited with driving Microsoft's Office cash cow to market. Often and usually on...

November 19, 2007  10:35 AM

Ex-Loti Sturtevant heads up new Microsoft concept lab

Posted by: badarrow
Application development, Barbara Darrow, Microsoft

Reed Sturtevant, one of the Lotus stars behind Freelance Graphics, is now heading up Microsoft’s concept development effort just blocks away from the old “LDB” headquarters building. See story here. This is ironic for...

November 14, 2007  3:54 PM

Chizen exits Adobe

Posted by: badarrow
Application development, Barbara Darrow, Reseller channel business development, Supplier relationship management

Here's  another news nugget that bears watching. Bruce Chizen is leaving his spot as Adobe next month after 13 years with the company.

November 5, 2007  9:53 AM

Consumer apps/services continue assault on business IT

Posted by: badarrow
Application development, Barbara Darrow, SMB, Software as a service (SaaS), Supplier relationship management

The blurring of corporate/consumer computing lines continues.

Any solution provider or integrator working with corporate clients (SMBs to enterprises) knows how there is simply no way to prevent consumer-oriented services (Napster, AOL or Yahoo instant messaging, YouTube, you name it)...

October 31, 2007  2:02 AM

NetSuite puts Ellison’s shares in ‘lock box’

Posted by: badarrow
Barbara Darrow, Direct reseller channel conflict, Managed services providers, Oracle, SMB, Software as a service (SaaS)

At last, someone at NetSuite (or maybe Oracle) has figured out that Larry Ellison’s stake in NetSuite is the conflict-of-interests outsiders have been flagging for years. According to recent NetSuite filings, Oracle CEO Ellison will put

October 30, 2007  6:43 AM

Time to recalibrate your thinking about printing and imaging

Posted by: Heather Clancy
Authors, Data storage management, Heather Clancy, IT buyer market research, Managed services providers, Network and application security, Reseller channel business development, SMB

Been prepping this week for a presentation I'm giving on behalf of my colleagues at channel consulting firm SWOT Management Group to Oki Data's solution provider advisory council (full disclosure on where my head is right...

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