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May 6, 2009  9:32 PM

Can you claim the title of trusted partner?

Heather Clancy Heather Clancy Profile: Heather Clancy

One moniker that gets bandied about plenty in the channel, especially in times like these when everyone is trying to define their “value,” is the idea that an IT solution provider should be considered a “trusted adviser” or “trusted partner.”

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May 6, 2009  4:55 PM

Ballmer’s white board magic

badarrow Barbara Darrow Profile: badarrow

Last month, the New York Times brilliantly reproduced Steve Ballmer’s white boarded vision of the company’s cloud services plan. It depicts the company’s “software plus services” vision with Azure at the center of the universe, making use of SQL Server services, Exchange services etc etc. Continued »

May 6, 2009  4:35 PM

Mountain to Mohammed: Oracle waives some support fees

badarrow Barbara Darrow Profile: badarrow

How did this not get more ink? Oracle is waiving maintenance fees on some of its software products for up to two years.

This is a baby step, granted. But it is, in fact, movement. For one thing, the premier support that people pay 22% per year for, is still on. But users with extended support on older products get a reprieve. Continued »

May 5, 2009  3:40 PM

EMC fights Donatelli departure tooth and nail

badarrow Barbara Darrow Profile: badarrow

EMC isn’t taking the defection of David Donatelli to Hewlett Packard lying down. In fact it’s suing to put the kibosh on the move and a Masschusetts (homer!) judge has granted a preliminary injunction in the matter. A colleague here at TechTarget (thanks Jo) says EMC is one of the few companies that have successfully enforced notoriously hard-to-enforce noncompete agreements in the past so this could get juicy–perhaps as much so as the Microsoft-Google kerfuffle over Kai-Fu Lee.

May 5, 2009  3:26 PM

Microsoft layoffs: More shoes dropping

badarrow Barbara Darrow Profile: badarrow

TechFlash’s Todd Bishop has the Steve Ballmer memo to the troops outlining  the latest round of Microsoft layoffs. The cuts have been widely expected given a: the economy in general and b: Microsoft’s position relative to Google in the supposedly all-important Web advertising and search market. That position remains woefully weak despite billions in investment.

 Money quote:

 ” With this announcement, we are mostly but not all done with the planned 5,000 job eliminations by June 2010.”

Bishop has more info on the layoffs here. And, Mini-Microsoft, as usual, has the definitive word here.

May 4, 2009  3:22 PM

Will SAP maintenance move move Oracle?

badarrow Barbara Darrow Profile: badarrow

SAP, the ERP leader, recently decided to defer maintenance fee increases until it proves to customers that the fees are worth the money. The first question that comes to mind is if Oracle will follow suit.

My guess: No. At least not publicly.

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May 1, 2009  12:28 AM

Signs of life? CDW spending index shows IT growth potential

Heather Clancy Heather Clancy Profile: Heather Clancy

The new edition of the CDW IT Monitor, which is the national reseller’s ongoing poll of IT decision makers from small and midsize companies, shows some glimpses of improvement for the second half of 2009 (if not outright optimism). Overall, the actual index number is still pretty low at 69, but this was relatively flat compared with previous edition published back in February. Believe me, flat is a good thing right now.

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April 24, 2009  12:15 PM

CDW sees profit in new non-profit team

Heather Clancy Heather Clancy Profile: Heather Clancy

What does CDW know that the rest of us don’t know? Is everyone who is being laid off ditching corporate life to do some good for the world or the environment or someone other than himself or herself?

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April 23, 2009  2:48 PM

Microsoft research: More than half of SMBs will maintain or increase IT spending this year

Heather Clancy Heather Clancy Profile: Heather Clancy

There are two big reasons Microsoft should be concerned about the health of small and midsize businesses: First, because many of its revenue dollars are tied up in this chunk of the commercial market. Second, many of channel partners happen to fall into this chunk of the U.S. business universe.

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April 21, 2009  3:09 AM

Top five questions about Sun-Oracle

badarrow Barbara Darrow Profile: badarrow

Here’s a completely non-scientific list of my top five questions arising from Oracle’s $7.4 billion buy out of Sun Microsystems.

5: How could it have been surprising that Oracle was the white knight here? Larry Ellison is the go-to guy for distressed tech companies who don’t want or cannot be acquired by IBM or Microsoft (hell, better throw Google into the mix for the new millenium. ) This goes way, way back. Back in the paleozoic era, Lotus Development Corp. CEO Jim Manzi tried like all get out to get Oracle to buy Lotus so it wouldn’t end up in IBM’s clutches. That didn’t work out so well.

4: What happens to Oracle’s ardent courtship of Dell and Hewlett-Packard? One can only guess that the HP-Oracle Exadata “Database machine” is a goner now. Not that it was setting any sales records.

3: Which virtualization play will survive the inevitable putsch?

2: How soon will a big hunk of Oracle’s revenue be going by way of hardware bundles with Sun servers? This is very much a page ripped right out of IBM’s DB2 playbook. And Ellison could barely contain himself when talking about that “shelfware.”

1: What was deal with Scott McNealy on the call?  He sounded ummmm, medicated.  Even though this signals the end of the McNealy era in tech (hell, Jonathan Schwartz and the open source pony tail epic already rang the bell on that one.) Still for $7.4 billion, couldn’t Scooter have mustered a little enthusiasm for three minutes? Listen to the playback. It’s shocking

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