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May, 2008

May 29, 2008  7:48 AM

Dell vs. Jobs: Steel cage match

Posted by: badarrow
Barbara Darrow, News

So it's come to this: Michael Dell, asked at AllThingsD if he could vanquish Steve Jobs in a fight summed it up: "I could take him."

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May 27, 2008  11:01 PM

A (teeny) bit of Windows 7 news

Posted by: badarrow
Barbara Darrow, Microsoft

Steven Sinofsky and Microsoft are talking, a wee bit, about Windows 7, aka the successor to Vista. In a post to the Windows Vista blog, Chris Flores tries to explain the...

May 27, 2008  9:34 PM

Google sets pricing for App Engine use

Posted by: badarrow
Application development, Barbara Darrow, Google, Microsoft, Software as a service (SaaS)

Google has said it wants developers to write apps to run in its "cloud." Now, on the eve of the Google I/O conference, it disclosed how it will charge developers for the use of its server- and storage-farms and related infrastructure. Developers can use

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May 27, 2008  2:55 PM

Google Web Toolkit grows up with Java 5 support

Posted by: badarrow
Application development, Barbara Darrow, Enterprise applications, Google, Microsoft

A new version of the Google Web Toolkit (Gwit to Google insiders), promises full support for the latest Java language as well as faster-running apps at the end of the process. GWT 1.5 will be formally introduced...

May 27, 2008  9:45 AM

VMware beta features: hype vs. reality

Posted by: Bcournoyer
Software as a service (SaaS), Tech Blogs, Virtualization

VMware's "cloud computing" strategy set me off on a little rant last week. I wrote that VMware was likely getting into SaaS because it was either inspired by or jealous of Google's success in...

May 22, 2008  10:49 PM

CompTIA: Mobile security represents a big gap, and opportunity

Posted by: Heather Clancy
Authors, Heather Clancy, Information technology services, Network and application security

Intuitively, I think we all knew this was coming. But now, there's some research out of the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) that validates the notion that many companies are still seriously unprotected when it comes to their notebooks and handheld computers.

May 22, 2008  4:17 PM

Microsoft: Friend or bulldozer?

Posted by: badarrow
Application development, Barbara Darrow, Microsoft, Vendor partner business issues

Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) have always had a complicated relationship with Microsoft. They build on Microsoft's OS-and-tool platform. They also keep a wary eye as the software behemoth keeps adding to that platform. The "white space" at the top keeps getting higher and higher....

May 22, 2008  1:57 PM

VMware jumps onto cloud bandwagon

Posted by: Bcournoyer
Software as a service (SaaS), Virtualization

Bad news for people who hate buzzwords: Another big-time IT vendor is getting into "cloud computing."

This time it's VMware, whose president and CEO Diane Greene talked up cloud computing during a speech yesterday in Boston. My colleague at, Bridget Botelho,...

May 22, 2008  12:38 PM

Dell Channel Blog launches with Partner Advisory Council news

Posted by: Bcournoyer
Channel partner programs

The much anticipated Dell Channel Blog made its debut today with two posts -- one from Dell chief blogger

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May 21, 2008  1:27 PM

VMware: Microsoft is sloppy and misleading

Posted by: Bcournoyer
Server virtualization, Virtualization

VMware is going on the attack yet again, slamming Microsoft in a 2,000-word missive on its Virtual Reality blog. In case you forgot, Virtual Reality is the blog VMware set up specifically to defend...

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