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April 8, 2012  12:58 PM

Hackers are Hitting Macs with a Major Virus

Posted by: David Scott
best practice, business risk, data breach, data theft, IT risk, IT security, IT Wars, Mac, Mac malware, security policy, the business-technology weave, virus

October 13, 2011  9:37 AM

Insecure Security: A Lesson from the Air Force for Your Org

Posted by: David Scott
Add new tag, computer virus, danger room, keystroke logging, keystroke monitoring, malware, predator and reaper, predator drones, reaper drones, virus, wired,

September 28, 2011  10:31 AM

Software Updates: Consider carefully

Posted by: David Scott
anti-virus, antivirus, computer virus, content management, data protection, data theft, e-mail spoof, IT security, malware, online spoof, remind me later, Security Plan, security policy, security update, software patch, spoof, update now, virus, virus removal

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July 11, 2011  12:32 PM

Pre-Infected Components and Software Entering the U.S.?

Posted by: David Scott
anti-virus, botnet, computer inspection, computer survey, computer virus, intellectual property, keystroke logging, keystroke monitoring, malware, pre-infected components, security defeats, software import, spyware, virus, virus removal


According to a top Homeland Security official, testifying before a hearing...

April 3, 2011  12:12 PM


Posted by: David Scott
computer attack, computer cookies, computer hack, computer redirect, computer virus, lizamoon, malicious code, scare-ware, scareware, spam, tracking cookies, virus


A few days ago, a large number of websites were infected with code that...

January 4, 2011  2:17 PM

Cyberwarfare: Countries today; corporate and SMB tomorrow?

Posted by: David Scott
cyber attack, cyber security, cyber training, cyber war, cybersecurity, cyberwar, data security, hack, IT security, security training, virus, worm


A recent news report got me to thinking.  The...


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