August 31, 2012  2:38 PM

Crucial Considerations when Going Mobile, Pt. IV – Security

Posted by: David Scott
1 year plan, 5 year plan, acceptable use, acceptable use policy, acceptable use training, acceptible use, access security, accounting, accrual of returns, AITP, AITP Columbus, allowable use, Association of Information Technology Professionals, Association of IT Professionals, backup and recovery, best business practice, best employee practice, best informaiton technology practice, best IT practice, best practice, best security practice, BIT, breach notification, breach notification rules, bring your own device, BTW, business adaptability, business agility, business alignment, business and IT policy, business and IT change, business and IT planning, business and IT solutions, business and social networking, business breach, business plans and policy, business progression, data breach, data management, enterprise resource planning, ERP, project planning, project plans, security awareness, security breach, Security Plan, security policy

Security is of prime concern in the mobile...

September 28, 2011  10:31 AM

Software Updates: Consider carefully

Posted by: David Scott
anti-virus, antivirus, computer virus, content management, data protection, data theft, e-mail spoof, IT security, malware, online spoof, remind me later, Security Plan, security policy, security update, software patch, spoof, update now, virus, virus removal

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June 24, 2011  7:47 AM

UK, France and Germany: 84% of companies have suffered breach in the past year

Posted by: David Scott
business continuity, business security, data breach, data recovery, IT security, Juniper, Juniper Networks, Juniper Networks Survey, Security Plan, security policy


From Europe comes incredible news, as reported by Juniper...

May 31, 2011  9:06 AM

Cyber Warfare: Lessons for the “local” org… Yours

Posted by: David Scott
business security plan, cyber attack, cyber security, cyber security and government, cyber threat, cyber war, disaster awareness, disaster plan, disaster planning, IT security, Security Plan, security policy


In his excellent Wall Street Journal article,

February 20, 2011  4:12 PM

Security and Mounting Threats – Redux

Posted by: David Scott
acceptable use, business continuity, business planning, business plans, business policies, business policy, CMS, content management, content policy, disaster planning, IT security, Security Plan, security policies and plans, security policy, user training


I discovered an interesting article online: ...

February 15, 2011  12:54 PM

The Next Pearl Harbor?

Posted by: David Scott
business policy, business security, cloud security, cyber attack, cyber threat, cyber training, cyber war, DAPR, disaster awareness, disaster recovery, DR, electro-magnetic pulse, electromagnetic pulse, emp, IT plans, IT policy, Pearl Harbor, preparedness and recovery, security awareness, Security Plan, security training, World War II, WWII


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January 10, 2011  2:16 PM

Wikileaks Redux: Gov’t. strategy doc on preventing leaks… is leaked

Posted by: David Scott
acceptable use, business security, content management, data breach, data security, IT security, Security Plan, security policy, WikiLeaks


I can’t ignore this story. ...

October 29, 2010  12:16 PM

Velocity of Risk

Posted by: David Scott
2010 Global SMB Information Protection Survey, AITP, Association of Information Technology Professionals, business management, business policy, business risk, business security, business security plan, information securrtiy, IT risk, IT security, risk management, Security Plan, securtiy policy, velocity of risk


Wow.  I was reading an article in InformationWeek...

August 23, 2010  11:57 AM

Security and Insecurity: Finite vs. Infinite – Pt. II

Posted by: David Scott
business security, content management, content security, data management, data security, data theft, information security, IT plans, IT policy, IT security, Security Plan, security policy


In battling...

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