January 21, 2013  1:51 PM


Posted by: David Scott
Mac malware, malicious code, malware

Beyond mere malware as a...

January 15, 2013  3:25 PM

Malware: Insertion and Types

Posted by: David Scott
cyber attack, cyber awareness, cyber crime, cyber security, cybercrime, cybersecurity, cyberspying, malicious code, malware

In continuing our awareness for...

October 13, 2011  9:37 AM

Insecure Security: A Lesson from the Air Force for Your Org

Posted by: David Scott
Add new tag, computer virus, danger room, keystroke logging, keystroke monitoring, malware, predator and reaper, predator drones, reaper drones, virus, wired, wired.com

September 28, 2011  10:31 AM

Software Updates: Consider carefully

Posted by: David Scott
anti-virus, antivirus, computer virus, content management, data protection, data theft, e-mail spoof, IT security, malware, online spoof, remind me later, Security Plan, security policy, security update, software patch, spoof, update now, virus, virus removal

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July 11, 2011  12:32 PM

Pre-Infected Components and Software Entering the U.S.?

Posted by: David Scott
anti-virus, botnet, computer inspection, computer survey, computer virus, intellectual property, keystroke logging, keystroke monitoring, malware, pre-infected components, security defeats, software import, spyware, virus, virus removal


According to a top Homeland Security official, testifying before a hearing...

May 20, 2011  12:20 PM

Sony is Hacked Again

Posted by: David Scott
anti-spyware, anti-virus, antivirus, data breach, data security, malware, online security, security policy, security practices, So-Net, Sony, sony online entertainment, Sony PlayStation, spyware, virtual points, virus removal


Security is not evidenced merely through the absence of harm.  A harming event may be transpiring in...

March 11, 2011  10:30 AM

SMB: Mobile Ready?

Posted by: David Scott
computer virus, device security, malware, mobile access, mobile apps, mobile device, mobile efficiency, mobile readiness, mobile risk, mobile security, mobile workforce, remote access, security training, small and medium business, SMB


Small and Medium Business (SMB) can really benefit from mobile...

March 10, 2011  12:17 PM

Mobile Readiness

Posted by: David Scott
computer virus, firewall, malware, mobile apps, mobile device, mobile readiness, mobile workforce, spyware, vpn


Once upon a time, all an IT manager had to do was to secure an...

May 20, 2010  1:55 PM

Insecurity, Part III: A State Agency’s Data “Security” Posture

Posted by: David Scott
acceptable use, business policy, business risk, business security, data breach, data exposure, data security, data theft, IT policy, IT security, IT Wars, malware, the business-technology weave

[As necessary, please see the first article...


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