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March 2, 2011  6:26 PM

Business Success – Technology must make CORRECT enablement of business in a quickening world

Posted by: David Scott
business budget, business goals, business market, business profit, business solutions, business success, business upgrades, enterprise solutions, IT budget, IT solutions, IT success, IT upgrades


“Business success” really means “profitable...

December 14, 2010  12:43 PM

Data Breaching and Lessons of Legacy

Posted by: David Scott
business and IT solutions, business security, business solutions, business-technology weave, CMS, content management system, data breach, data breaching, data compromise, data theft, eCulture, ID theft, IT security, IT solutions, stolen identity, university of wisconsin


I see where the University of...

May 9, 2010  10:15 AM

WorkOns; WorkWiths and WorkFors: A Quick Consideration of Class

Posted by: David Scott
business challenge, business management, business solutions, IT challenge, IT solutions, the business-technology weave


April 12, 2010  1:38 PM

False Solutions Part VI: Misunderstanding Where You Are

Posted by: David Scott
business solutions, employee appraisals, human resources, IT solutions

  All organizations must know where they are.  This sounds simple and obvious, but many organizations don’t know their own staffs’ capabilities, capacity for learning, willingness to learn, and the various...

April 12, 2010  1:16 PM

False Solutions Part V: Out with the New, In with the Old

Posted by: David Scott
business solutions, employee appraisals, false solutions, human resources, IT solutions


So, what ultimately happened with XYZ’s appraisal system?  XYZ Corporation...

March 29, 2010  12:43 PM

False “Solutions”

Posted by: David Scott
business planning, business plans, business solutions, false solutions, IT solutions, project planning, project plans


Today I’d like to make an observation about wasted effort in any work environment. ...


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