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June 21, 2011  9:13 AM

The Real Heart of Security: Employee Awareness Program(s)

Posted by: David Scott
acceptable use, allowable use, awareness program, best IT practice, best practice, business continuity, business security, content management, data breach, data security, e-mail policy, eCulture, eDiscovery, employee awareness, internet use, IT security, security prism


Today, employee error and otherwise casual approaches to security is causing...

May 31, 2011  10:15 AM

IDRU and DAPR, Pt. I: Closing a Divide – New thinking for new realities

Posted by: David Scott
business continuity, business protections, DAPR, disaster awareness, disaster planning, IDRU, IT security


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May 31, 2011  9:06 AM

Cyber Warfare: Lessons for the “local” org… Yours

Posted by: David Scott
business security plan, cyber attack, cyber security, cyber security and government, cyber threat, cyber war, disaster awareness, disaster plan, disaster planning, IT security, Security Plan, security policy


In his excellent Wall Street Journal article,

April 18, 2011  9:40 AM

More Clouds in the Cloud – Consider DropBox

Posted by: David Scott
application as a service, cloud access, cloud applications, cloud apps, cloud security, cloud services, cloud vulnerabilities, computing as a service, data as a service, hardware as a service, IT security, platform as a service, software as a service, the cloud


I hate to sound prescient, but these Cloud apps, services, and storage areas...

March 28, 2011  3:04 PM

Large security vendor suffers breach

Posted by: David Scott
access security, best business practice, best security practice, breach notification, business security plan, computer security, content security, cost of data breach, cyber security, cybersecurity, data access, data backup, data breach, data compromise, data integrity, data liability, data loss prevention, data security, device security, employee security, employer security, enterprise security, government security, info security, IT security, securing data


It’s been reported that RSA Security has...

February 28, 2011  12:36 PM

Content Awareness

Posted by: David Scott
and recovery, backup and recovery, CMS, content awareness, content context, content management, content management system, data breach, data loss prevention, data management, disaster awareness, IT security, metadata, mobile workforce, preparedness


Any organization’s leaders (senior governance, management, board[s])...

February 22, 2011  9:02 AM

Time to Grow Up

Posted by: David Scott
business and social networking, Facebook Post Costs Waitress Her Job, how 480 characters unraveled my career, How to Lose a Job via Facebook in 140 Characters or Less, IT and social networking, IT security, kids and social networking, Nir Rosen, social media, social media peril, social media security, social networking 101, social networking for business, waitress loses job via facebook


We’ve discussed the online perils of social networking on this blog...

February 20, 2011  4:12 PM

Security and Mounting Threats – Redux

Posted by: David Scott
acceptable use, business continuity, business planning, business plans, business policies, business policy, CMS, content management, content policy, disaster planning, IT security, Security Plan, security policies and plans, security policy, user training


I discovered an interesting article online: ...

February 16, 2011  12:55 PM

Security in a Quickening World

Posted by: David Scott
business challenge, business continuity, disaster recovery, IT challenge, IT security, mini-security officer, security officer


I don’t do this too often, but I’d like to recommend a specific whitepaper...

January 10, 2011  2:16 PM

Wikileaks Redux: Gov’t. strategy doc on preventing leaks… is leaked

Posted by: David Scott
acceptable use, business security, content management, data breach, data security, IT security, Security Plan, security policy, WikiLeaks


I can’t ignore this story. ...

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