September 25, 2011  11:27 AM

Staying Focused in a World of Distraction

Posted by: David Scott
business distraction, business plan, business policy, business startup, entrepreneur, entrepreneurship, IT plan, IT policy, small business, small-to-medium business, SMB

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September 20, 2011  2:24 PM

The Business-Technology Challenge

Posted by: David Scott
5 year plan, business and IT, business and technology, business challenge, business plans, business plans and policy, business policy, five-year plans, IT challenge, IT governance, IT plans, IT policy, IT security, one-year plans, work challenge, work challenges

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June 18, 2011  10:33 AM

Duty has No Room for Conceit

Posted by: David Scott
best practice, business and IT, business plans, business policies, business policy, business survey, IT budget, IT burden, IT plans, IT policies, IT policy

June 8, 2011  8:33 AM

Who “Drives” DAPR?

Posted by: David Scott
Add new tag, business continuity, business planning, business plans, business policy, DAPR, disaster planning, disaster recovery, IDRU, IT plans, IT policy

(Note:  See prior two articles if necessary)

Who drives DAPR One Guess… Particularly for Business, it is inadvisable to rely on a simple conversation with IT regarding this area....

February 15, 2011  12:54 PM

The Next Pearl Harbor?

Posted by: David Scott
business policy, business security, cloud security, cyber attack, cyber threat, cyber training, cyber war, DAPR, disaster awareness, disaster recovery, DR, electro-magnetic pulse, electromagnetic pulse, emp, IT plans, IT policy, Pearl Harbor, preparedness and recovery, security awareness, Security Plan, security training, World War II, WWII


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February 9, 2011  8:21 AM

BIT: The Business Implementation Team

Posted by: David Scott
BIT, business implementation team, business plan, business policies, business policy, futures planning, IT plan, IT policies, IT policy


I was having a discussion the other day about organizations and efforts in piloting their way effectively into the future. ...

January 9, 2011  3:22 PM

Systems Security, Part II: Social Security Administration meets the real world

Posted by: David Scott
IT planning, IT policy, IT ROI, IT TCO, IT TtV, social security, social security administration, systems longevity, systems security


In my last article, I spoke of systems security from a...

November 23, 2010  11:29 AM

Don’t Be a Blockhead: Block… or Define…

Posted by: David Scott
applications, blocking applications, blocking apps, business policy, facebook, IT policy, third-party apps, unauthorized applications, unauthorized apps


What’s a poor IT leader to do?  Whether you’re CIO/CTO, IT Director, IT Manager, Network Manager, Programmer, Business...

November 17, 2010  8:54 AM

Half of All Organizations Ban Access to Social Networking Sites

Posted by: David Scott
AOL, business policy, business practice, facebook, facebook e-mail, facebook email, IT policy, IT practice, myspace, social networking

Interesting news comes to us that half, or slightly more depending on the survey, of all organizations are banning access to social networking sites.  (You may wish to see my earlier...

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