The Business-Technology Weave:

IT and business


October 29, 2011  2:52 PM

IT and Business: Talking Past One Another

Posted by: David Scott
business communication, business culture, business liabilities, business liability, business solution, business-IT communication, IT and business, IT communication, IT culture, IT department, IT governance, IT shortfalls, IT solution, one-man IT department, project management, project overruns


February 13, 2011  2:16 PM

The Human-Technology Weave

Posted by: David Scott
business, business-technology weave, computer support to business, dropbox, IT and business, technology, technology and health


Here on this blog we regularly consider a...

December 2, 2010  10:33 AM

Employee Retention – Maintaining the Team

Posted by: David Scott
business and IT, employee appraisals, employee education, employee incentives, employee management, employee pay, employee recognition, employee relations, employee retention, employee security, employee training, IT and business, maintaining business, maintaining IT


Just for the sake of variety, let’s take a breather from our discussion of...


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