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July 20, 2011  10:46 AM

The Cloud: Internet security is not “insurance”

Posted by: David Scott
acceptable use, cloud security, content management, data breach, data protection, internet security, security breach, SMB security, SME security, the cloud


It seems that one major online breach after another occurs: ...

June 27, 2011  7:45 AM

Social Intelligence, Part II

Posted by: David Scott
Add new tag, internet security, interviewing, job search, job searching, online identity, online reputation, online security, online wellness, personal security,, social intelligence, social intelligence corporation, social network security, social networking


Today’s article follows on to yesterday’s

June 16, 2011  9:33 AM

Citigroup Breach Now Up to 360,000: New details of almost unbelievable lapse

Posted by: David Scott
bank breach, breach protection, breach recovery, browser vulnerability, citi breach, citi group, citi group breach, citigroup, CitiGroup breach, credit card breach, credit card hack, data breach, data hacking, data protection, hackers access data, hacking bank account, hacking data, internet security, security flaw, URL vulnerabilities, URL vulnerability


I don’t mean to beat up on Citigroup.  But there’s an...

March 26, 2011  2:56 PM

Data and Online Security Involve More than Content

Posted by: David Scott
alexandra wallace, Asian students, content awareness, content liability, content propagation, content security, data access, data breach, data breach expense, data propagation, data security, information leak, information management, information propagation, information security, information technology security, internet security, IT and social networking, kids and social networking, online security, social media, social media peril, social media security, social network, social network policy, social networking, UCLA library, web propagation, youtube


Security involves so much more than physical protection and...

October 8, 2010  6:23 AM

Exponential Threats to Security

Posted by: David Scott
business security, hacktivist, hijacked IP, internet security, IP security, IT security, online security


Well here’s a twist to security.  It seems a law firm, specifically ACS: Law, was targeting certain owners of internet...


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