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December 27, 2012  10:53 AM

Early Networking: Intercontinental Jam Session

Posted by: David Scott
information access, information management, information propagation, information systems, information technology

Regular readers of this blog may know that I collect records – “vinyl,” “LPs,” “33s”, “78s,” “45s” – I even have Edison disks and cylinders (and the related players). Mine is a formal record library, with sections for Rock, Jazz, Blues, Bluegrass, early Country,...

December 28, 2010  11:55 AM

You don’t know what you don’t know

Posted by: David Scott
business plans and policy, business security, content management, content security, data security, enterprise resource management, enterprise resource planning, enterprise security, information systems, intellectual property, intellectual property security, IT security, MIS, security policyi and plans


When securing information, intellectual property, data (hard and soft, paper...

October 18, 2010  10:24 AM

Oh Oh – Facebook Suffers Breach

Posted by: David Scott
best business practice, best informaiton technology practice, best IT practice, business practice, business security, data breach, data security, data theft, information systems, IT security


How does the biggest social networking site suffer a data...


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