June 8, 2011  8:33 AM

Who “Drives” DAPR?

Posted by: David Scott
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(Note:  See prior two articles if necessary)

Who drives DAPR One Guess… Particularly for Business, it is inadvisable to rely on a simple conversation with IT regarding this area....

June 3, 2011  11:07 AM

IDRU and DAPR, Pt. II: Directing purpose – achieving results

Posted by: David Scott
business continuity, continuity planning, continuity plans, DAPR, disaster awareness, disaster planning, disaster recovery, disaster recovery plan, IDRU


The other day, we spoke of IDRU – check

May 31, 2011  10:15 AM

IDRU and DAPR, Pt. I: Closing a Divide – New thinking for new realities

Posted by: David Scott
business continuity, business protections, DAPR, disaster awareness, disaster planning, IDRU, IT security


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June 17, 2010  3:02 PM

EMP: Electro-Magnetic Pulse – A Reasoned Discourse for DAPR’s Replacement of Standard DR Policies

Posted by: David Scott
BP oil spill, business recovery, DAPR, disaster awareness preparedness and recovery, disaster recovery, electro-magnetic pulse, emp, gulf oil spill, IDRU, risk management

We’ve touched on the disaster of what’s happening in the Gulf of Mexico and with the ongoing tragedy of BP’s oil spill. We can understand that technology is enabling: For both good and ill.

On a smaller scale, many local...

June 14, 2010  9:57 AM

Understanding IDRU (Inadequacy, Disaster, Runaway and Unrecoverability) in contrasting Disaster Recovery (DR) vs. Disaster Awareness, Preparedness and Recovery (DAPR)

Posted by: David Scott
BP gulf oil spill, DAPR, disaster recovery, DR, IDRU

In our last discussion, we talked about new scales of harm – weighted outcomes that are so great, as delivered by disaster, that holding them in abeyance ...

June 10, 2010  6:35 AM

BP and the Gulf Oil Spill: Lessons for IT and Business.

Posted by: David Scott
BP gulf oil spill, BP oil spill, business continuity, contingency plans, DAPR, disaster recovery, gulf oil spill, IDRU, IT plans, IT policy, risk analysis


Let’s examine new scales of risk, weighted outcomes, and what must be done in the face of...


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