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education and experience


August 10, 2011  8:34 AM

Education and Experience, Part II

Posted by: David Scott
business degrees, business training, education and experience, HelpDesk training, IT certs, IT degrees, IT schooling, IT training, programming certificate


As we stated in

August 8, 2011  9:56 AM

Education and Experience, Part I

Posted by: David Scott
business training, education, education and experience, experience, helpdesk, IT support, IT training


I was having a discussion these past few days with a colleague regarding...

October 9, 2010  1:25 PM

Education and Qualification in the Weave

Posted by: David Scott
business education, business education and experience, business experience, education, education and experience, education and qualification, IT education, IT education and experience, IT experience, qualification


Way back in my youth, I was enamored of qualification by way of “rubber meets the road” experience.  I...


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