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June 21, 2011  9:13 AM

The Real Heart of Security: Employee Awareness Program(s)

Posted by: David Scott
acceptable use, allowable use, awareness program, best IT practice, best practice, business continuity, business security, content management, data breach, data security, e-mail policy, eCulture, eDiscovery, employee awareness, internet use, IT security, security prism


Today, employee error and otherwise casual approaches to security is causing...

January 13, 2011  10:07 AM

Face Time in the Weave

Posted by: David Scott
eCulture, meetings, online meetings, the business-technology weave, virtual meetings


Increasingly, business is conducted online.  This is generally...

December 14, 2010  12:43 PM

Data Breaching and Lessons of Legacy

Posted by: David Scott
business and IT solutions, business security, business solutions, business-technology weave, CMS, content management system, data breach, data breaching, data compromise, data theft, eCulture, ID theft, IT security, IT solutions, stolen identity, university of wisconsin


I see where the University of...

June 4, 2010  5:51 AM

Lions and Tigers and Data Breach … OH MY!

Posted by: David Scott
acceptable use, computer education, computer training, data breach, eCulture, IT Wars, security awareness, Security Plan, security policy, security training, the business-technology weave

(with apologies to The Wizard of Oz)

Forty-six States have now enacted data breach notification laws, whereby businesses must contact consumers to advise when their personal...

May 27, 2010  8:02 AM

TechnoShines, TechnoFinds and TechnoBinds

Posted by: David Scott
business management, eCulture, HR, IT Wars, the business-technology weave


You will find three kinds of people in the WorkWith group. ...

March 17, 2010  6:15 AM

The People Prism

Posted by: David Scott
business and IT, business plans, business policy, corporate culture, eCulture, IT plans, IT policy, people prism, the business-technology weave

Always view your organization through the people (Business) prism first, and mold the technology to those needs. This may seem obvious but many an IT professional misses, or forgets, what we discuss here.  True, there will be times when evolving technology will drive business practice...

March 1, 2010  2:43 PM

Welcome to “The Business-Technology Weave”

Posted by: David Scott
best practice, business, business-technology, business-technology weave, eCulture, IT, technology

Greetings fellow business and IT travelers, and welcome to “The Business-Technology Weave” (BTW). The BTW is essentially a brand of electronic culture – an eCulture if you will – that recognizes the interwoven reliance of business and technology, while...


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