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June 17, 2013  1:20 PM

Concerned About Gov’t. Snooping? There’s an app for that

Posted by: David Scott
cyber awareness, cyber security, cyber security and government, cyber training, data accessibility, data encryption, data legislation, data privacy, data protection, data security, decryption, e-mail breach, e-mail security

PadlockRegardless of the...

July 12, 2011  10:26 AM

Department of Justice: Forcing you to decrypt?

Posted by: David Scott
bank fraud, data encryption, data privacy, decryption, file access, file passphrase, IT passphrase, IT password, money laundering, PGP passphrase, privacy, Ramona Fricosu, Supreme Court encryption, U.S. Justice Department, U.S. Supreme Court data encryption, wire fraud


Does your right to remain silent, as protected by the U.S. Constitution’s...

July 6, 2011  5:50 PM

Data Breach at Morgan Stanley: 34,000 customers at risk

Posted by: David Scott
content management, data breach, data encryption, data management, morgan stanley, morgan stanley data breach, secure transmission of data, security policy


From Morgan Stanley comes word that two unencrypted CDs have gone missing.  They were sent, and actually delivered - to...

March 14, 2011  11:26 AM

Mobile Access: Make it selective and effective

Posted by: David Scott
authentication, data encryption, device authentication, firewall, mobile access, mobile broadband, mobile device, mobile security, router, security policy, virtual-private-network, vpn


Security is always a delicate balance:  You need to provide...


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