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October 17, 2011  8:10 AM

Blackberry (RIM) Outage Provides an Important Lesson to Us All

Posted by: David Scott
blackberry, blackberry outage, cyber security, cybersecurity, network reliability, network security, network stability, network traffic, Research In Motion, RIM, RIM outage


October 11, 2011  8:17 AM

Security Postures: Time to start pedaling faster

Posted by: David Scott
cyber espionage, cyber security, cyber-cop, cyber-spying, cybercop, cybersecurity, cyberspying, data breach, data security, data theft, U.S. cybersecurity


September 19, 2011  5:37 AM

Cybercrime: Alert to small and mid-sized organizations

Posted by: David Scott
cyber crime, cyber security, cybercrime, cybersecurity, National Cyber Security Alliance, national cybersecurity awareness month, NCSA, staysafeonline

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June 17, 2011  12:05 PM

Security, Privacy, Your Organization… and YOU

Posted by: David Scott
best security practice, business continuity, business exposure, business liability, content management, content security, cost of data breach, cyber attack, cyber security, cybersecurity, data breach, data breach expense, data exposure, data privacy, disaster awareness, disaster awareness preparedness and recovery, disaster plan, disaster prevention, Executive Director, information privacy, International Association of Privacy Professionals, security officer, Trevor Hughes, workplace privacy


I was reading an interesting article the other day,

March 28, 2011  3:04 PM

Large security vendor suffers breach

Posted by: David Scott
access security, best business practice, best security practice, breach notification, business security plan, computer security, content security, cost of data breach, cyber security, cybersecurity, data access, data backup, data breach, data compromise, data integrity, data liability, data loss prevention, data security, device security, employee security, employer security, enterprise security, government security, info security, IT security, securing data


It’s been reported that RSA Security has...

January 4, 2011  2:17 PM

Cyberwarfare: Countries today; corporate and SMB tomorrow?

Posted by: David Scott
cyber attack, cyber security, cyber training, cyber war, cybersecurity, cyberwar, data security, hack, IT security, security training, virus, worm


A recent news report got me to thinking.  The...

September 30, 2010  9:38 AM

Budget Cuts Impacting Cybersecurity

Posted by: David Scott
acceptable use, acceptable use policy, business plans, business policy, business security, CISO, content management, cyber security, cybersecurity, data breach, data theft, Deloitte, IT plans, IT security, NASCIO


It’s being reported that state budgets, increasingly in the red, are impacting cybersecurity – and not in a good way, as you may have...

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