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March 22, 2013  12:24 PM

Trends Regarding Content and Integrity

Posted by: David Scott
CMS, content, content awareness, content control, content liability, content management policy, content security, contingency planning


November 29, 2012  6:14 PM

CMS: Getting to the “System” of Content Management

Posted by: David Scott
acceptable use, acceptable use training, CMS, content management system

[Note:  You may wish to visit the...

November 28, 2012  1:59 PM

Content: The proliferation of unstructured data

Posted by: David Scott
1 year plan, CMS, content management policy, content management system

We know that business success will increasingly depend on the most efficient use of its information assets.  These assets must be centrally managed for security purposes, and for quick dissemination to where they’re needed.  To do this, we need a special structure around data – all data - to...

November 28, 2012  12:56 PM

Content: Getting it; using it; re-using it; and getting rid of it

Posted by: David Scott
CM, CMS, content management policy, content management system

Beyond mere accountability, the modern and evolving discipline of managed content is more sophisticated and powerful than anything previously established.  We make content searchable and relevant to people in powerful new ways, in support of projects and disciplines within the...

November 17, 2011  11:26 AM

Security Expert Eugene Kaspersky Warns of Cyber-Terror

Posted by: David Scott
acceptible use, CMS, content management, cyber crime, cyber espionage, cyber terror, cyber terrorism, cyberterror, data breach, data theft, Eugene Kaspersky, hacktivism, ID theft, Kaspersky, security breach, security policy

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November 16, 2011  12:45 PM

Help Propagate “The Business-Technology Weave” – and a bonus!

Posted by: David Scott
BTW, CMS, content management, cyber terror, cybersecurity, cyberterror, data security,, IT governance, the business-technology weave

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November 14, 2011  3:06 PM

Google Says Government Requests for User Data on the Rise

Posted by: David Scott
CMS, content management, content security, data security, google government requests, google report, Google Transparency Report, government request for data, government request for information, government request for user data, government requests for data, user content


February 28, 2011  12:36 PM

Content Awareness

Posted by: David Scott
and recovery, backup and recovery, CMS, content awareness, content context, content management, content management system, data breach, data loss prevention, data management, disaster awareness, IT security, metadata, mobile workforce, preparedness


Any organization’s leaders (senior governance, management, board[s])...

February 27, 2011  12:38 PM

SSA Revisited (see prior post) – and – Content Management

Posted by: David Scott
assets management, business management, cable management, CMS, content management system, project management, resource allocation, resource management, social security administration, SSA, wire management


If you’ll bear with me, I may have a rather novel use for a Content...

February 20, 2011  4:12 PM

Security and Mounting Threats – Redux

Posted by: David Scott
acceptable use, business continuity, business planning, business plans, business policies, business policy, CMS, content management, content policy, disaster planning, IT security, Security Plan, security policies and plans, security policy, user training


I discovered an interesting article online: ...

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