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August 1, 2010  10:42 AM

What Business Doesn’t Know CAN Hurt It – Pt. II

Posted by: David Scott
business enlightenment, business ignorance, business planning, business plans, enterprise resource planning, IT enlightenment, IT planning, IT plans



In matters of ...

March 29, 2010  12:43 PM

False “Solutions”

Posted by: David Scott
business planning, business plans, business solutions, false solutions, IT solutions, project planning, project plans


Today I’d like to make an observation about wasted effort in any work environment. ...

March 26, 2010  8:26 AM

The Quickening of Business and Technology

Posted by: David Scott
business change, business management, business plans, business policy, business-technology weave, change management, IT change, IT plans, IT policy


Today’s business is...

March 17, 2010  6:15 AM

The People Prism

Posted by: David Scott
business and IT, business plans, business policy, corporate culture, eCulture, IT plans, IT policy, people prism, the business-technology weave

Always view your organization through the people (Business) prism first, and mold the technology to those needs. This may seem obvious but many an IT professional misses, or forgets, what we discuss here.  True, there will be times when evolving technology will drive business practice...

March 11, 2010  7:19 AM

Knowing Where You Are: The Two Types of Organizations in Today’s Weave

Posted by: David Scott
BTW, business management, business plans, business-technology weave, futures planning, IT plans


Two Types of Organizations – Where Are You?


March 8, 2010  7:12 AM

BiT: The Business Implementation Team

Posted by: David Scott
business implementation, business management, business planning, business plans, change, change management, IT implementation

Getting to where you’re going involves a sale. It’s true: If you can’t sell your creation to the organization - your...

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