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January, 2011

January 29, 2011  1:20 PM

Diminishing Return

Posted by: David Scott
30-day support, backup agent, backup and recovery, backup drive, backup software, comprehensive backup, computer, computer registration, computer security, disaster plan, disaster planning, disaster recovery, external drive, external hard drive, font, limited support, online support, product registration, Seagate, Seagate external drive, software registration, synchronize backup


Not too long ago I purchased a Seagate 320 Gb drive.  I...

January 25, 2011  11:53 AM

Detroit is Desperate for Money – yet delays tax revenue with incorrect bills

Posted by: David Scott
city tax, city taxes, content management, data merge, detroit tax bill, financial system, IT system, property tax


The Ombudsman for the city of Detroit reports that a mistake in the finance...

January 21, 2011  12:43 PM

107 Trillion E-mails Sent Last Year

Posted by: David Scott
acceptable use, Add new tag, blog, blog policy, blogging, blogging at work, blogs, business breach, content management, data breach, data security, e-mail policy, e-mail security, human error, pingdom, security policy, social network policy, social networking, social networking and business


Don’t Miss the Obvious: ...

January 16, 2011  11:45 AM

Government Project Passes Huge Milestone – and provides lessons to us all

Posted by: David Scott
boeing, border enforcement, border security, business management, department of homeland security, DHS, go-live, government initiatives, government project, government security, illegal immigration, immigration, janet napolitano, project management, project manager, project milestones, SBI, SBINet, secure border initiative, U.S. border, virtual border fence, virtual fence


In the wake of my two-part article earlier this month,

January 13, 2011  10:07 AM

Face Time in the Weave

Posted by: David Scott
eCulture, meetings, online meetings, the business-technology weave, virtual meetings


Increasingly, business is conducted online.  This is generally...

January 10, 2011  2:16 PM

Wikileaks Redux: Gov’t. strategy doc on preventing leaks… is leaked

Posted by: David Scott
acceptable use, business security, content management, data breach, data security, IT security, Security Plan, security policy, WikiLeaks


I can’t ignore this story. ...

January 9, 2011  3:22 PM

Systems Security, Part II: Social Security Administration meets the real world

Posted by: David Scott
IT planning, IT policy, IT ROI, IT TCO, IT TtV, social security, social security administration, systems longevity, systems security


In my last article, I spoke of systems security from a...

January 8, 2011  11:15 AM

Systems Security – Service, Success, Longevity

Posted by: David Scott
business progression, cost vs. performance, ROI, system maximization, system scalability, system security, systems longevity, systems management, systems security, TCO


In discussing security of systems, the emphasis is usually on...

January 6, 2011  12:46 PM

The human element

Posted by: David Scott
breach, business breach, business management, business progression, business security, data breach, human resources, IT security, systems security


What is the most critical element, or factor, in any...

January 5, 2011  1:36 PM

Investing in IT and business during difficult economic times

Posted by: David Scott
asset inventory, asset inventory program, asset inventory software, asset management, business investment, content management, inventory management, investing in difficult economic times, IT investment, redundancies, redundant systems, ROI, software licensing, StA, sweating the assets, TCO


Budgets are tight, routinely cut… definitely not being raised except where...

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