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September, 2010

September 30, 2010  9:38 AM

Budget Cuts Impacting Cybersecurity

Posted by: David Scott
acceptable use, acceptable use policy, business plans, business policy, business security, CISO, content management, cyber security, cybersecurity, data breach, data theft, Deloitte, IT plans, IT security, NASCIO


It’s being reported that state budgets, increasingly in the red, are impacting cybersecurity – and not in a good way, as you may have...

September 29, 2010  10:41 AM

Customer Service and Associated Quality = IT Success

Posted by: David Scott
business reputation, business services, customer service, helpdesk, IT governance, IT reputation, IT services, quality of service

Best IT success rests on what IT can deliver to customers.  Customers can be internal; those allied people and business elements relying on technical enablements and supports – and...

September 25, 2010  9:24 AM

U.S. Education: Technology Lag?

Posted by: David Scott
business-technology weave, economic competition, technology lag, us education, us lags engineering, us lags math, us lags science


I happened to catch Dr. Eric Haseltine, Ph.D., on television the other day.  He’s formally trained as a neuroscientist, but...

September 21, 2010  10:26 AM

BEWARE: Errors Can Be Efficient Too

Posted by: David Scott
business efficiency, business error, business security, efficiency of error, enterprise resource management, enterprise resource planning, IT efficiency, IT error, IT security

Being efficient, reducing cost, leveraging effort, doing more with less… ever faster -  this is all a part of intelligent business design, and properly sized and executed technology design.  In...

September 20, 2010  8:47 AM

IT Horror Stories

Posted by: David Scott
business practices, employee management, employee relations, helpdesk, higher headquarters, human resources, IT director, IT horror, IT horror stories, IT horror story, network management, Network Manager, proper dismissal, proper firing

I was perusing a genre online that I hadn’t really thought to peruse prior to this:  IT Horror Stories.

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September 15, 2010  6:19 AM

Business-Technology Convergence vs. a Business-Technology Weave

Posted by: David Scott
business planning, business-IT alignment, business-IT convergence, business-technology weave, IT planning, IT support, IT support to business


Ah, it’s so gratifying when thought leaders catch up to something you’ve known and espoused for 5 or more years.

September 10, 2010  12:27 PM

Check Your Acceptable Use Policy – Is This Missing?

Posted by: David Scott
acceptable use, acceptable use policy, business policy, business security, computer security, inappropriate use, IT policy, IT security, unacceptable use

In reviewing some Acceptable Use policies, I’ve noticed the usual cautions about adherence to authorized access, the caveats about protecting your ID...

September 9, 2010  10:07 AM

Ready or Not – We’re Not Ready

Posted by: David Scott
business continuity, business readiness, business surety, classroom computers, computer lab, IT readiness, start of school


Greetings fellow business and IT travelers. 

September 8, 2010  5:58 AM

“Open” Data / Resource Environments

Posted by: David Scott
acceptable use, business security, business standards, computer lab, content management, content security, IT security, IT standards, open data


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September 5, 2010  11:58 AM

Successful Strategic Planning

Posted by: David Scott
business planning, business plans, business strategy, IT planning, IT plans, IT strategy, strategic planning, strategic plans, successful business planning, successful business plans, successful IT planning, successful IT plans


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