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March 4, 2008  2:39 PM

Keep Reading – Enrich and Storm Your Presentation Brain

Posted by: WPeterson
Amazon, Books, Business presentations, Review

I usually think reading a printed book has better effects on your mind than scanning the same thing online, although I'm already a Internet addict. Here I recommend some printed books for the IT presenters to read, if you really have non-Internet reading time.

March 2, 2008  6:29 AM

For the Benefit of Integrated Google Apps – Be A Killer and Helper

Posted by: WPeterson
Google, Google Apps, Google Sites, PowerPoint, Review, SharePoint

One of the major benefits from Google's versatile online services is the well-integrated account management in a simple way. This is something the application suite providers always do, and it's popular for existing users to explore news. As we know, Google acquired Zenter and then relaunched as...

February 28, 2008  4:45 PM

Right, We Need A Powerful Engine for Corporate Presentations

Posted by: WPeterson
Business presentations, Corporate, Enterprise, Online Apps, PowerPoint, Review

When I reviewed some tools in that article Forget PowerPoint: 13 Online Presentation Apps as many other gadget reviews, certainly most of these Internet applications are based on Flash or Ajax like what I said...

February 24, 2008  1:25 PM

How Do You Pick the Right Internet Technology for Management of Enterprise Presentations?

Posted by: WPeterson
Business presentations, Corporate, Enterprise, Flash, Google, Google Apps, Online Apps, Review, Silverlight

To know some technologies for further activities on Internet as it's worth the effort. We are entering an era of online business, and many enterprise managers are facing the dilemma - which way to go - remain with tried and true applications or experiment with such newcomers as Google...

February 13, 2008  2:46 PM

On The Road: Microsoft Office Has To Bet Its Future On The Web

Posted by: WPeterson
Business presentations, Enterprise, Google Docs, Microsoft, Office 14, Online Apps, PowerPoint, Review

After retired, Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates was showed publicly for the first time, and talked about the next big Office release, code-named Office 14, in a speech at the Microsoft Office System Developer Conference in San Jose, California, which he said it would offer limited capabilities to view...

February 8, 2008  2:09 AM

Live Workshop Rivalry: Build Your Presentation Mind On the Road

Posted by: WPeterson
Business presentations, Google Docs, Office Live, Online Apps, Review

Not a great presentation can be just made by an impulse on an office desktop. You probably catch an excellent idea to strengthen your presentation on the road home or far far away from your workspace. Turn your car back in the highway long queue? Internet is born to help people build the virtual...

February 1, 2008  11:40 AM

Recording and Combining: Your Better Presentation With Voice Narration

Posted by: WPeterson
Business presentations, Corporate, Review, Tips

As I usually provide support on public presentations at some conferences and seminars, I find that most presenters' voice narration in the speech would be recorded live for further references. Actually I recommend that the presenters should record narration by themselves with the microphone and...

January 29, 2008  7:43 AM

Convenient with Inconvenience: Impress The World With Visible Keynote

Posted by: WPeterson
Business presentations, Corporate, Review, Tips

You must haven't forgotten Al Gore after his setback in election because of An Inconvenient Truth, which made him Oscar and Nobel winning last year. Al Gore arrived with mountains of research and a compelling, vital message. He left with a Keynote presentation fit for the silver screen. Those...

January 27, 2008  4:57 AM

Learn Keynote Presentations From Our Geek Gods

Posted by: WPeterson
Business presentations, Corporate, Microsoft, Review

As I started Internet in high school, and studied Information Technology in college, Mr. Bill Gates and Mr. Steve Jobs are always the shinning stars across my IT voyage. Their speeches in recent years are definitely impressive: Windows 98 to Windows Live, iMac to iPhone, CES to MacWorld, etc. The...

January 24, 2008  2:20 AM

The Presentation Outlook: Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 Review with Recommendations – Part 3

Posted by: WPeterson
Business presentations, PowerPoint, Review

Continued from previous post Not Just Smart: Make Other Ways Like A Professional I don't want to talk too much about the new feature SmartArt graphics, because it's really content design component to preset professional styles, although it helps visually communicate information...

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