July 20, 2008  8:46 AM

Make Shows in Trends: Business Presentations in YouTube Way

Posted by: WPeterson
Business, Business presentations, Corporate, Enterprise, Flash, Flash Video, IT professional, Microsoft, PowerPoint, Review, Technology, YouTube

powerpoint-to-youtube Let us think of more useful ways to wake up the popularity to make and judge the old business presentations. Nobody can ignore the incredible power from the...

July 14, 2008  4:31 AM

Rich Media Presentation: An Convenient Truth for the Business Environments

Posted by: WPeterson
Business, Business presentations, Enterprise, IT professional, Learning, Review, RIA, Rich Media, Solutions, Technology, Web

I never conducted any experiments to compare the effectiveness and cost savings of integrating rich media presentations into the business of any organizations, but I dare to assure that it's all evolution of traditional presentations. Because of the introducing of rich media technology in current...

July 13, 2008  4:56 AM

Flash, Silverlight Go Searchable – A Little Thinking of Search Engine Optimized Rich Media

Posted by: WPeterson
Adobe, AJAX, Business, Business presentations, CIO, Development, Flash, Google, Google Search, IT professional, Learning, Online Apps, Review, RIA, Silverlight, Solutions, Technology, Web

Go Searchable No needs to mention that the...

July 7, 2008  3:16 AM

Be with Acrobat.com: Do Business in the Online Office as Usual, Why Not

Posted by: WPeterson
Adobe, AIR, AJAX, Business, CIO, Enterprise, Flash, Google Docs, IT professional, Online Apps, Review, RIA, Solutions, Technology, Tips, Web

Like Photoshop Express's photo sharing and photo editing, Adobe can't help unveiling its complete online office solution to gear up file sharing and documents collaborating using Acrobat.com. From Adobe's official description, it's a set of online services - file sharing and storage, PDF converter,...

July 1, 2008  11:30 AM

Good to Make Business Hot – Mix up with Presentation Spices

Posted by: WPeterson
Business, Business presentations, Corporate, IT professional, PowerPoint, Tips

Corporate presentation is something significant for a team in any conferences to show up their power and confidence. However, presentations are not the most entertaining films to view, especially on sonorous afternoons in air conditioned and darkened rooms that lull you to sleep. To make any...

June 5, 2008  4:17 AM

Perfect Presentation Online – Your SlideShare PowerPoint Slides with YouTube Video Narration Together on Omnisio

Posted by: WPeterson
Business, Business presentations, Flash, Flash Video, IT professional, PowerPoint, Review, Technology, Tips, Web, YouTube

Once you're back from various conferences, uploading your video recordings on presentation to YouTube, and uploading PowerPoint slides to SlideShare could be the best way to share your masterpiece socially, so that people...

June 1, 2008  7:39 AM

Quick Tips to Enhance Your Presentation in PowerPoint 2007

Posted by: WPeterson
Business presentations, IT professional, Microsoft, Office, PowerPoint, PowerPoint 2007, Technology, Tips

After your meticulously constructed the contents of next-day presentation, enrichment is great for your confidence. Applying some quick enhancements to your presentation is really easy, because you'll find PowerPoint 2007 has made them ready for you. 1. Themes offer you more thoughts...

May 27, 2008  2:56 PM

Silverlight Technology on the Future Business Presentation

Posted by: WPeterson
Adobe, Business, Business presentations, Flash, Flash Video, IT professional, Microsoft, Online Apps, Review, Silverlight, Technology, Web

I caught some funny Silverlight applications from those passionate guys who work in Microsoft's Silverlight Business Development Team, such as Silverlight Games,

May 24, 2008  3:00 AM

PowerPoint 2008 for Mac Than iWork Keynote ’08, You Think That?

Posted by: WPeterson
Apple, Business, Business presentations, IT professional, iWork, Keynote, Mac, Microsoft, Office, PowerPoint, Review, Technology

As not a loyal Apple fan, I just ever tested PowerPoint 2008 for Mac and iWork Keynote '08 for gadgets when Microsoft made its campaign, and found no significance on their comparison. Yet months later I solemnly read the details of Macworld's article of

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