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June 10, 2009  2:39 AM

An Update on Some Recent Posts

Posted by: Brien Posey
Data Protection Manager, DPM 2007, Wi-Fi, Windows 7, Windows Vista

I wanted to take the opportunity to update you on a couple of my more recent blog posts.

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June 4, 2009  2:38 AM

The Windows Experience Index

Posted by: Brien Posey
Windows 7, Windows Experience Index, Windows Vista

When Microsoft first introduced Vista, one of the new features that was introduced along with it was the Windows Experience index. The basic idea was that the performance of various system components was rated and assigned a numerical score. The lowest score represented your overall Windows...

May 28, 2009  3:28 PM

Why Does Windows 7 Think it’s Vista?

Posted by: Brien Posey
versioning, Windows 7, Windows Vista

For quite a while now we have known that the next Windows release is going to be Windows 7. The interesting thing is though, that Windows 7 will use an internal version number of 6.1. Actually, the version number is going to be longer than that, but we won't know the full version number until...

May 6, 2009  3:21 AM

Redirecting the Offline File Cache in Vista

Posted by: Brien Posey
offline file cache, offline files, Windows Vista

A while back I had configured my laptop to cache my offline files to a secondary hard drive instead of using up space on my primary drive. When I had performed the initial setup, I wrote an article...

April 24, 2009  2:00 AM

Vista and malicious software

Posted by: Brien Posey
Malware, Windows Vista, Windows XP

Although most people seem to think of Vista as being one of the worst mistakes that Microsoft has ever made, I have never made a secret of the fact that I prefer Vista over XP. My main reason for this is that Vista is a lot less suseptible to malware infections than XP is. I have lost count of the...

March 29, 2009  2:05 AM

Windows Vista / Server 2008 SP2

Posted by: Brien Posey
download, SP2, Windows Server 2008, Windows Vista

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, I was in Las Vegas at a conference all week. One thing about being gone like that is that E-mail tends to pile up while I'm away. It's a long story (perhaps one for another blog post), but I usually don't end up checking my E-mail while I am traveling. At any...


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