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April, 2009

April 28, 2009  3:28 AM

Talking About Windows

Posted by: Brien Posey
Talking About Windows, Video Blog, Windows 7

Microsoft has just created a new Windows 7 video blog called Talking About Windows. This blog is geared toward IT professionals. It features videos from the engineers who built Windows 7 providing...

April 27, 2009  3:53 AM

Is there still a shortage of 64-bit drivers?

Posted by: Brien Posey
64-bit, 64-bit drivers, drivers, Windows XP

When it comes to technology, I’m almost always an early adopter. When you adopt a technology before it becomes mainstream, you expect to have to deal with some quirks, and you expect to pay...

April 25, 2009  2:51 AM

Windows XP Compatibility for Windows 7

Posted by: Brien Posey
Windows 7, Windows XP, WIndows XP compatibility

Yesterday I was reading everyone’s opinions of Windows 7 on various technology related blogs. Some of the blogs predict that Windows 7 is going to be the final nail in the coffin for Microsoft....

April 24, 2009  2:00 AM

Vista and malicious software

Posted by: Brien Posey
Malware, Windows Vista, Windows XP

Although most people seem to think of Vista as being one of the worst mistakes that Microsoft has ever made, I have never made a secret of the fact that I prefer Vista over XP. My main reason for this is that Vista is a lot less suseptible to malware infections than XP is. I have lost count of the...

April 23, 2009  2:14 AM

Windows 7 Starter Edition

Posted by: Brien Posey
netbook, Windows 7, Windows 7 starter edition

In a slow economy, it is no surprise that netbooks are really starting to become popular. These low end laptops are small in size, and typically sell for around $300.

April 21, 2009  10:04 PM

Gigabit Ethernet and Network Cabling

Posted by: Brien Posey

Several years ago I wrote an article series on making the transition to gigabit Ethernet. Even though that series is several years old, I still get a lot of e-mail in regard to the series. One question that I have been asked twice this week already is whether the network cabling has to be upgraded,...

April 19, 2009  4:10 AM

A Site for Sore Eyes

Posted by: Brien Posey
clear type, display calibration, fonts, Windows 7

As someone who writes an astronomical amount of content each week, my eyes tend to get fatigued from staring at my monitors all the time.  Making the transition from CRT monitors to...

April 16, 2009  3:21 AM

Windows 7 Editions

Posted by: Brien Posey
Windows 7, Windows 7 Professional, Windows 7 Ultimate, Windows Home Premium

A while back I recall seeing a list of all of the different versions of Windows 7 that Microsoft was planning to offer. At the time I didn’t pay a lot of attention to the list, but I do remember...

April 15, 2009  6:50 AM

Office 2010

Posted by: Brien Posey
Microsoft Office, Office 2010

With all of the hype around Windows 7 lately, it is easy to forget that Microsoft has a history of releasing other products at around the same time as a new operating system. According to an...

April 12, 2009  2:55 AM

Windows Downgrade Rights

Posted by: Brien Posey

A couple of days ago, Microsoft announced that they are going to offer similar downgrade rights for Windows 7 as what they currently offer for Windows Vista. As it stands right now, if you buy a new computer that has Vista preinstalled, you have the right to downgrade to Windows XP.  Anyone buying...

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