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March, 2009

March 31, 2009  2:32 AM

Touch screen gestures

Posted by: Brien Posey
gestures, touch screen, Windows 7

In yesterday’s column, I mentioned that I was going to use today’s column to tell you about the gestures that are supported by Windows 7’s touch interface. Some of the gestures that are...

March 30, 2009  2:26 AM

Taking a Fresh Look at the Windows 7 Touch Interface

Posted by: Brien Posey
Aces Studio, Flight Simulator X, Interface, Touch, Windows 7

When a Windows 7 pre beta build was first demonstrated at the Professional Developer’s Conference last year, there was a lot of hype and speculation surrounding the touch screen interface. Now...

March 29, 2009  2:05 AM

Windows Vista / Server 2008 SP2

Posted by: Brien Posey
download, SP2, Windows Server 2008, Windows Vista

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, I was in Las Vegas at a conference all week. One thing about being gone like that is that E-mail tends to pile up while I'm away. It's a long story (perhaps one for another blog post), but I usually don't end up checking my E-mail while I am traveling. At any...

March 28, 2009  3:31 AM

Native Windows VSS Backup

Posted by: Brien Posey

Ever since Exchange Server was first introduced, Microsoft has designed it so that upon installing Exchange, NTBackup is extended so that it has the ability to properly back up Exchange. The big...

March 23, 2009  3:07 AM

Are Technical Conferences Dead?

Posted by: Brien Posey

This week I am going to be in Las Vegas at the Experts conference. I was originally supposed to be presenting a couple of Exchange Server sessions at the conference, but those sessions were...

March 22, 2009  1:20 AM

ITKE Contest

Posted by: Brien Posey

The people who run the Information Technology Knowledge Exchange have asked me to use today's blog post to let you know about a new contest that is going on. Between now and the end of April, the three Information Technology Knowledge Exchange community members who have earned the most...

March 21, 2009  3:08 AM

Followup to a previous

Posted by: Brien Posey

While getting ready to write today's blog post, I stumbled onto something that I had written last month. Apparently a system glitch prevented it from being published. The following was supposed to...

March 17, 2009  3:27 AM

Internet Explorer Lockups

Posted by: Brien Posey

Lately, I have been getting bombarded with calls from friends and family. Everybody keeps asking me why Internet Explorer has suddenly started locking up on them. I haven’t personally experienced...

March 14, 2009  2:44 AM

Who Do You Trust?

Posted by: Brien Posey

Last night I was working on a project involving Windows Server 2008. I needed to request Computer certificate from an Enterprise Certificate Authority that was a member of the same domain as the...

March 7, 2009  5:29 AM

The Reason Behind the Backup Madness

Posted by: Brien Posey

In my previous blog post, I promised to address the issue of why Windows Backup works the way that it does in Windows Vista. I’m not going to pretend to know all of the reasons, but I can tell...

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