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September 24, 2012  11:49 AM

Dreamforce reignites the CMO vs. CIO debate

Posted by: Barney Beal
Benioff, Cloud computing, Dreamforce, evaluating CRM software, Oracle, SaaS, SaaS software, Salesforce, Salesforce.com

Last week, Salesforce.com released its plans for

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September 27, 2011  8:43 AM

SAP and Oracle follow in Microsoft, Salesforce.com’s footsteps with PaaS

Posted by: Barney Beal
Java, NetWeaver, PaaS, Ruby on Rails, Salesforce.com

Back before it was preaching the wonders of the Social Enterprise, Salesforce.com was fixated squarely on Force.com and Platform as a Service (PaaS)....

September 8, 2011  9:21 AM

Is benchmarking data the next big step for SaaS?

Posted by: Barney Beal
benchmarking data, NetSuite, SaaS, Salesforce.com

Two weeks ago, the Wall Street Journal published a story about an increase in business travel expenses. It cited data showing that corporate employees were spending more on meals, entertainment and hotels,...

September 6, 2011  1:11 PM

Benioff is a rock star and other notes from Dreamforce

Posted by: Barney Beal
Dreamforce, Salesforce.com

Dreamforce has come and gone. So too has Labor Day. That means it's time to clean out some of the notes from last week's conference in San Francisco and to stop wearing white pants. A few thoughts... What of VMforce? To no one's surprise, one of the announcements from...

September 1, 2011  7:27 PM

Is Salesforce.com’s DRO the first step to a private option?

Posted by: Barney Beal
Cloud computing, private cloud, Salesforce.com

At its annual Dreamforce event, Salesforce.com announced its plans to offer a Database Rights Option for customers, allowing customers to store some of their data in their own data center while still accessing Salesforce.com. I caught up with ThinkStrategies' Jeff Kaplan to discuss what it means...

June 27, 2011  3:49 PM

Collaboration, content management part of CRM overhaul at Yahoo

Posted by: Barney Beal
collaboration, content management strategy, evaluating CRM software, Salesforce.com, SFA

Kristen Sanders, Yahoo's director of global sales operations and sales enablement, had a perfect description for the 12 different repositories of sales information scattered across the globe at the company when she first came aboard. "They were stinky, smelly, digital landfills," Sanders said...

June 17, 2011  3:49 PM

Salesforce moves beyond the cloud to ‘the social enterprise’

Posted by: Barney Beal
Benioff, cloud development, Microsoft, Salesforce.com, sentiment analysis, SharePoint, text analytics

Yesterday Salesforce.com came to Boston as part of its Cloudforce road show and CEO Marc Benioff made it clear that the company's focus moving forward will be on social computing.  He said it pretty explicitly.  

May 26, 2011  4:37 PM

Forrester CEO: ‘The web is a dead technology’

Posted by: Barney Beal
Clouud, Dell, Facebook, Forrester, Google, HP, mobile applications, SaaS, Salesforce.com

Forrester's CEO took the stage at the IT Forum in Las Vegas today and outlined his bold predictions for the future of business technology -- and who will win and who will lose. Citing Moore's Law, which states that processing power will...


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