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July 27, 2011  7:47 AM

Can “Mango” Compete with iPhone and Android?

Posted by: Tony Bradley
Android, Blackberry, iOS, Mango, smartphone, Windows Phone 7

Microsoft has released "Mango"--officially Windows Phone 7.5--to manufacturers, so the clock is ticking toward a new generation of Windows Phones hitting the street this fall. In fact, the first of the "Mango" smartphones

July 10, 2011  9:38 AM

Android Patent War a Win-Win for Microsoft

Posted by: Tony Bradley
Android, licensing agreement, Microsoft, patent, smartphones, Windows Phone 7

Microsoft has had some relative success so far in enforcing various patents it holds to reach licensing agreements with Android device manufacturers. And,...

May 31, 2011  4:25 PM

Future of Nokia Riding on Windows Phone 7

Posted by: Tony Bradley
Mango, Microsoft, Nokia, Stephen Elop, Windows Phone 7, WP7

...Or, is it the future of WIndows Phone 7 riding on Nokia? No, definitely the former. WIndows Phone 7 seems to be doing OK, and with the

May 28, 2011  12:03 AM

Mango Seamlessy Integrates Messenger Into Windows Phone 7

Posted by: Tony Bradley
chat, instant messaging, Mango, Messenger, social networks, text messaging, Windows Phone 7

Microsoft unveiled details of a major update to Windows Phone 7--codenamed "Mango"--earlier this week. The update contains more than 500 changes to the...

March 27, 2011  10:24 PM

Windows Phone 7 Gets Copy and Paste (Finally)

Posted by: Tony Bradley
copy and paste, Microsoft, NoDo update, Windows Phone 7

Microsoft finally unleashed the highly-anticipated NoDo update for Windows Phone 7, and with it the even more highly-anticipated copy and paste functionality the mobile...

March 14, 2011  10:08 AM

Windows Phone 7 Copy/Paste Leaves Something To Be Desired

Posted by: Tony Bradley
copy, NoDo update, paste, Windows Phone 7

Windows Phone 7 appears to be a very capable platform. The highly anticipated copy/paste functionality, though, may not be all it's cracked up to be according to initial feedback. Tom Warren reports on the

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March 7, 2011  5:29 PM

Microsoft Gambled $1 Billion Wooing Nokia for Windows Phone 7

Posted by: Tony Bradley
Microsoft, Nokia, smartphones, Windows Phone 7

The launch of Windows Phone 7 seems to be a relative success. It certainly didn't flop like the Kin social media phone Microsoft put out last year, and it has received a fair amount of critical acclaim in reviews for having an innovative approach to bring to market rather than just another iOS "me...

February 23, 2010  8:54 PM

Windows Phone 7 Unveiled

Posted by: Tony Bradley
Android, iPhone, smartphone, Windows Mobile, Windows Phone 7

Its only about a year or so behind schedule (or is it two years now?), but at the Mobile World Conference in Barcelona Microsoft finally revealed the reinvention of Windows Mobile,


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