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Windows 7

September 15, 2009  7:11 PM

Windows 7 Libraries

Posted by: Tony Bradley
data, files, folders, Libraries, organize, view, Windows 7

At first glance, Libraries may seem like Microsoft just arbitrarily decided to rename Folders in Windows 7. Once you understand Libraries though you will see how much more powerful they are than Folders and how they will make your life easier. A Folder is a container. It holds files. A Library...

September 13, 2009  10:37 PM

Managing Passwords with Credential Manager

Posted by: Tony Bradley
Credential Manager, credentials, password, single sign-on, SSO, username, Windows, Windows 7, Windows Vista

Passwords. Users have a lot of them. Surveys have said that the average user has to maintain between 6 and 8 sets of username/password credentials. I think that seems quite low. I have my Windows password. I have passwords for 2 different banks. I have passwords for various creditors and...

September 6, 2009  10:50 PM

Simplified Device Management with Device Stage

Posted by: Tony Bradley
device driver, device manager, Device Stage, DMA, IRQ, Windows 7

I remember way back (I mean WAY BACK) in the early Windows days, like Windows 3.1 running on DOS 5.0, what a joy it was to deal with hardware devices. Adding hardware required an understanding of arcane, dark magic known as IRQ's and DMA's and conflicts between devices had to be resolved manually...

September 1, 2009  10:45 PM

Optimize Windows 7 with MDOP

Posted by: Tony Bradley
application virtualization, deployment, management, MDOP, Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack, optimizaton, Windows 7

As enterprises begin to examine deploying Windows 7 there are a variety of challenges IT administrators may face. Microsoft provides a variety of tools to help make deployment and management as smooth as possible such as MDOP (Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack) You can learn how to use MDOP...

September 1, 2009  12:00 AM

Understanding BitLocker

Posted by: Tony Bradley
BitLocker, BitLocker-to-Go, breach, data, encryption, security, Windows 7

BitLocker encryption was introduced with Windows Vista, but has been enhanced with Windows 7. The rise in laptop usage and roaming/remote workers means that terabytes of sensitive information are potentially wandering the street at any given moment. Laptops are easily lost or stolen and steps...

August 31, 2009  11:16 PM

Windows 7 Application Compatibility

Posted by: Tony Bradley
ACT, Application Compatibility Toolkit, DirectAccess, Jump Lists, Windows 7

Windows 7 is almost here. Enterprise customers will be able to get it soon and there are less than 2 months until it hits General Availability and lands on store shelves and pre-installed on PC's and laptops. New features...

August 31, 2009  10:20 PM

Paving the Way for DirectAccess

Posted by: Tony Bradley
DirectAccess, VPN, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2

One of the most important features of Windows 7 for the enterprise is DirectAccess. I have spent years working remotely from home or on the road as a consultant and having to deal with various VPN connection clients to be able to access internal data and network resources. I have also seen...

August 27, 2009  8:59 AM

Jumping For Jump Lists

Posted by: Tony Bradley
Jump Lists, recent items, Windows 7

Ever since I started using Windows 7 in the pre-public Beta days one of my favorite features has been Jump Lists. It may not have the gee-whiz factor of AeroShake, but it is much more practical and enables me to work more efficently and save time. With Windows Vista, I relied on the Recent Items...

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